Is League of Legends Ever Going to Die?

All good things come to an end, right? In the world we live in, it appears that everything we love comes to an end. Actually, change just so happens to be the one thing in this world that is constant. What about League of Legends? Riot Games has come a long way with League of Legends since they first started back in 2009 – It’s already been 12 years. This exciting game has been around for 12 years already, but is it going to end?

Stepping back and looking at League of Legends and comparing it to when it first started out, it feels different from back then. All this makes me realize just how long I have spent playing this game, and now that I think about it, I see all of the changes the game has gone through. We have witnessed reworks, gameplay updates, champion changes, and even map updates. If you were to find someone who hasn’t played the game since Season 3, they probably wouldn’t even recognize League of Legends anymore. However, there are still many familiar elements surrounding LoL, so you’ll still remember the game you’re playing. It is evident that the game needed to go through some updates to get to where it is today. With League of Legends becoming even more popular as the years go by, we can automatically assume that there will be more changes and updates.

Okay, so it’s been 12 years since League of Legends made its way into our world. With it being around so long, people are wondering, “Is League of Legends ever going to die?” Is it a dying game?

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Computer games are known for being a viral sensation one day, then gone like dust in the wind the following day. However, I believe Riot is a bit different from the others. I don’t feel like League of Legends is just going to up and disappear in the middle of the night. Look at how well Riot has grown their player base, even after a decade (the player base continues to grow to this day).
For those of you worrying about League of Legends becoming a dying game, I’m here to tell you that LoL isn’t going to die off any time soon.

Just look at this …

How Many People Play League of Legends?

As I said before, LoL was first released back in 2009 by Riot (Riot is the developer). Since then, there has been a frenzy in the gaming world, leading to an increase in the player count on League of Legends. Back in 2011, Riot released an official statement. During this official statement, they announced that they have 11.5M players. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? Then two years later, those numbers doubled. In 2016, there were 100 million League of Legend players. During the first few years, with over 120 million players worldwide, LoL is believed to be the most prominent computer game to ever exist.

There has been a lot of competition in the gaming industry; with games like Fortnite, Smile, and Call of Duty being released, Riot hasn’t said that much about their player count. However, back in 2019, during the 10-year mark of LoL, Riot stepped out and announce their 90 million player count.
As of right now, League of Legends may no longer be the most popular game in the industry, and the game may not be at the top of the list for some, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s a dying game, especially when the numbers are still there.

So far, League of Legends is still prevalent in 2021. Although everything League of Legends has been through, they continue to grow and stay alive.
Now, I’m going to point out some reasons why I believe League of Legends is here to stay:

Those statistics are there, and they don’t lie. Even with exciting games like Fornite and Overwatch, League of Legends has adapted to the game trends.
Back in 2018, The World Championship for LoL garnered 205+ million viewers all at once. If you’re familiar with gaming tournaments, you’d understand that this was the highest viewership any tournament has ever had before – it’s well over what the Superbowl has ever recorded.
League of Legends has been around long enough to gather viewers, so you have both old and new players watching.
This year, there are travel restrictions in place, so the eSports championship will be broadcasted over streaming platforms, so spectators will still get the opportunity to attend the event from the comfort of their home.

Most Viewed Video Game on Twitch

Twitch is one of the biggest gaming streaming platforms you’re going to find and is where a lot of content creators go to show off their skills playing LoL for a living. League of Legends is one of the highest-grossing topics – next to Fortnite and GTA: V.
LOL has ventured out past gaming niches like Twitch and has paved its way to Youtube, another social platform. This right here is enough reason to see that it isn’t a dying game.

Plenty of Updates

We get routine patches with an upgrade, and it’s obvious a lot of effort is being put into improving the game. I know that Riot has always wanted to keep League of Legends fresh, and to this day, that’s what they’re still doing.

Continuous Income Generation

League of Legends has an annual revenue of 1.9 billion, and with this much revenue being generated, there’s no way this game is dying. They have so much money being generated from this game that they invest in other Riot games, like Legends of Runeterra and Valorant. Riot is confident that its players will continue to purchase their products and skins to keep the game free-to-play. This is one of the reasons why so many continue playing. Those pay-to-win games are usually a turn-off for any gamer.

Final Word

The idea that LoL is dying couldn’t be any further from the truth. League of Legends is still popular, even if there are a couple of issues that have given gamers a reason to doubt it. When is League of Legends going to die? That is something none of us can predict, but I don’t see it dying off anytime soon.

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