The Best Warframe Inaros Build in 2022

The Ruler of the Desert, one of the Warframes launched in 2016, has established a reputation for itself in a few distinct ways. You may look at it this way: Inaros does not even have armor, but it manages to withstand the oncoming blows.

Inaros is a newly awakened ancient Warframe possessing the abilities of the desert and sands, as well as a desire for life. He is among the most durable Warframes in the game, having the most basic health of any Warframe and enough armor, making him a superb tanker and ideal by being on the main lines.

Along with its health, it can withstand the oncoming strikes. It also implies that you’ll never receive any Warframe over shields, such as Voltage or Trinity. A shield, on the other hand, can be obtained via Orokin Drone or Shield Scarlets.

To deal with Inaros, you’ll need to be proficient in either the first or second abilities in order to give the Inaros a strong and reliable tank. Either the first or the second ability can restore some life while also inhibiting regeneration.

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How Can You Obtain Inaros?

The Sands of Inaros adventure, which costs 100 Ducats as well as 50000 Credits, is really the only way to get Inaros. The quest is accessible every two weeks through Baro while he is in the Race. To buy it, you must have reached Master Rank 5.

You would need to help Jabal al Ki’Teer with a personal problem during the Sands of Inaros quest. From Codex, you’ll be able to begin the quest. It is an intriguing journey that delves into the history of Baro. Much of this is spent defeating specific sorts of creatures in order to charge an ancient vessel, and the mission culminates in a final fight not seen elsewhere in the game. Continue to scan your boss whenever you have the chance since you won’t have another.

Abilities Of Inaros

Inaros may use cursed sand to dazzle enemies, attract enemies to him to eat, transform into a devastating whirlwind of sand and surrender his health to increase his endurance, and unleash a swarm of scarabs to devour his foes.

Everlasting is his passive ability, which lets him morph into a sarcophagus after he takes deadly damage, allowing him to drag and eat opponents to resurrect himself.

1. Desiccation

Inaros tosses cursed sand next to him, blinding and stunning all foes and exposing them to finishing strikes for a short time.

When you kill opponents that have been stunned by Desiccation, your health will be restored. This ability is useful for quickly killing foes by shocking a big group and afterward assaulting them or stunning a hefty adversary and then destroying it.

When there are a large number of opponents, this ability comes in handy since it may be utilized to crowd control.

2. Devour

Eat is a channeling ability that causes Inaros to draw an opponent towards him and devour them. Inaros will eat the enemies he pulls, providing him with health and strength.

After being consumed, the adversary will transform it into a sand shadow who will battle with Inaros. This ability is useful for keeping opponents alive for other teammates to destroy or for restoring Inaros’ health, with the extra advantages of getting minions to fight for you.

3. Desecrate

Inaros begins whirling and summons a tornado-like sandstorm, which scoops up opponents and tosses them about, causing them to receive damage. Enemies caught in quicksand created by casting Devour on them and leaving them there will also be eaten and leave a sand shadow when they die.

This ability is fantastic for wreaking havoc, and it may be used to hurt groups or to manage crowds by picking them up and allowing teammates to fight them or just tossing them off.

4. Scarab Swarm

Inaros turns his health into armor, depleting it until he achieves a maximum of 100% armor, allowing him to withstand greater damage. Towards the expense of 25 percent of the armor and some energy, he may send out a swarm at opponents, which would harm them throughout time and expand to their surrounding friends, doing the same.

It’s one of Inaros’ most powerful abilities since it allows him to drastically minimize the amount of harm he takes from adversaries while also allowing him to send forth swarms of scarabs to slay teams of enemies.

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Suggested Builds

1. The Bruiser Builds

This build is primarily designed to provide Inaros with a huge amount of health so that he can resist greater damage and utilize Scarab Swarm to raise his armor more readily.

The majority of the modifications will improve his damage resistance, as well as the benefit from set mods which might give him an advantage with weapon load-outs (Ninja Mods) and a plentiful source of oxygen (Hunter Mod).

When performing abilities like Desiccation to stun opponents, Inaros will benefit from having a fair level of efficiency and range. This build is ideal for individuals who enjoy charging at the opponent and confronting them front on, as well as ensuring reasonable survivability during missions; it is especially suitable for melee fans.

2. The Crowd Control Build

For the aim of generating crowd control in places and on opponents, the Crowd Control construct foregoes ability damage. The length and range of abilities have been substantially enhanced to allow them to linger longer or be channeled for a longer period of time, as well as the range guarantees that groups of opponents would be affected.

This build is ideal for players that want to utilize Desiccation to continuously paralyze foes and quickly kill them, as well as use the Sandstorm skill for a long order to maintain enemies suspended. Despite the build, Inaros will always have a lot of health and will also be able to use it throughout missions.

3. The Balanced Build

This build offers Inaros the opportunity to channel most of his abilities with reasonable range and duration, even while increasing his growth and performance.

It allows Inaros to use the majority of his powers during the fight while maintaining the stamina he was designed to have. This build is suitable for individuals who desire to make use of Inaros’ abilities when on missions, as well as whatever weapons they like to have paired with Inaros’.


With his large level of strength and crowd-controlling skills, Inaros is an excellent Warframe for absorbing damage and capturing the front ranks. Inaros with well-modified weaponry may become unbeatable in tasks and suffer just minor damage from adversaries with a decent build like the ones listed earlier.

He can also take advantage of the different scenarios and control the effectiveness with his crowd management talents, especially when the unit has just been overrun. Due to its capacity to withstand even the harshest of conditions, this Warframe is ideal for single missions or final missions.

To optimize your chances of survival, you must be quick and make good use of your talents. Still, how effectively you can tweak the construct to get the most out of it depends a lot on your gameplay. The Warframe Inaros build shown above is merely an example of how you may begin or improve your structure for great damage or mobility.

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