How to Pick Up Items in Warframe?


In-game objects that can be collected by running over them or by running near them are called Pick-Ups. The player can use these pick-ups for many benefits, such as; crafting its weapons, crafting Warframes against enemies during the mission, and many more. These objects might include resources and mods for different missions that can benefit them in many ways. 


All lootable objects will be shown on the radar map or mini-map available to you. Using Animal Mods, Loot Detectors, and Thief’s Wit, you can easily equip the loot from loot containers. 

  • Storage Containers contain four different varieties. These are (Rare, Reinforced, Common, and Uncommon). These containers have very little health power that can be easily destroyed even with Melee weapons or gunfire. The force dispenses every loot out of them, which the player can use for many different purposes, even for leveling up Warframes’ abilities. The best and most beneficial loot depends upon the type of area. If the area is scary and dangerous, and the loot you need is hidden, that loot must contain rare equipment, mods, and rare resources. For such rare loot, you must head towards the Orokin Void.
  • Storage lockers are of three different types. These are Green which is openable, Red which is locked but can be opened; and Black, which is permanently locked and can never be opened. The player can open green lockers by just interacting with them. The player can open red lockers by using different mods, including Master Thief or Scavenge Mods. In the end, black lockers will appear. They will never be open by any means, no matter what. You can’t see lockers on the radar available to you. 


Items can be detected from dispatched enemies or loot containers. They both drop the ammunition packs which contain the loot resources. Ammunition packs are considered universal packs as they can be used by any player regarding any Warframe or any weapon because they contain any ammo. The player can detect its ammo type by recognizing the color type and shape of the pack. On the other hand, the quantity of ammunition depends on the weapon or the type of weapon. 


The player can refill its ammo pool by picking its related ammo from the ground. By using the Sling-Stone Event mod, the player can convert the ammo packs for other weapons-usable for its weapon. 


All types of enemies drop Modules, also known as Mods. The drop rate of mods gets higher with the higher level of enemies. Higher-level enemies drop most of the beneficial resources. Boss enemies drop most of the one but rarely drop loot. Most players tend to find uncommon and rare resources. They can find them easily by the mentioned waypoint. When they are not picked up by all the squad members, they shine blue. Mods are also rare in some ways. Rare mods shine golden when they get picked up. That’s everything you should know about this aspect of the game.

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