How to Kill Lenphatis in Warframe? (2022 Guide)

Lephantis, the big boss, is a massive infested boss who has been around since the ancient wars and is one of the most powerful bosses in Warframe. There are several Warframes to eliminate Lephantis. You can select any Warframe of your choice or the one you think will be most suitable for you and your squad. Lephantis has three skulls, each with its thorax and arsenal of weaponry. Each of the heads represents one of the game’s factions. The Infested Corpus head is armed with poisonous grenades that can bypass Warframe shielding. The Infested Grineer head swings a gigantic scythe, while the Ancient head fires spores that blast on contact. To find Lephantis, you need to start The Magnacidium Objective.

In this article, we are going to explain how you can kill Lephantis. There are several ways to kill Lephantis in Warframe. You and your allies can choose the easiest way to eliminate Lephantis based on your equipment and mods from these options. However, what would you get for killing Lephantis? Let us give you an overview of the rewards you will get for eliminating Lephantis. 

Rewards for Killing Lenphatis

After killing Lephantis, all the players will receive a standard part required to create Nekros. The following Nekros components have a chance to be rewarded by killing Lephantis:

  • Neuroptics: 33.33%
  • Chassis: 33.33%
  • Systems: 33.33% 

How to Kill Lephantis?

Stage – 1

When you first reach level-1, you and your team will be confronted by three heads that erupt from the mud and attack you. This boss fight is pretty challenging as the skull will try various attacks. Each skull has a special weak area. You need to attack these specific sensitive spots. These spots are represented by pink colors that resemble their interior body parts. Since Lephantis is vulnerable to Blast, modifying your weapons according to the situation will give you a better chance of killing them quickly.

Lephantis features a mechanic that decreases the number of damage players may inflict per shot, affecting the original projectile and further limiting the damage for any more pellets, in addition to its health pool and immunity to Status Effects. As a result, weapons with good ammo efficiency are best.

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Enemies in Stage 1

These skulls will erupt from the mud and attack you and your squad, then burrow back in. This movement makes it difficult to take them out if you can’t target your bullets quickly enough. In Warframe, one of the most challenging enemies is The Infested Corpus. This enemy is a long-range adversary who spits poison grenades. If not avoided, these poisonous grenades can do severe damage.

It can also spawn infested and poisonous pods. Later on, these pods spawn infested and deadly enemies who attack you and your squad. The head’s shape looks like a Corpus helmet, as their name shows. It exhibits comparable characteristics to a Corpus unit but in a poisonous fashion. Its weak area is the aperture of its mouth-like section, which is very easy to target. However, you need to eliminate it as fast as possible because it can generate more infested soldiers, which could be a problem for you and your squad.

The Ancient Infested or The Old Infested

The Ancient Infested boss has a terrible face with big flaps on the sides. These flaps open up when it attacks, similar to other infested ancient bosses. It will try to throw a projectile that would stick to an area and convert into smaller missiles.

This head contains a lengthy face, similar to the faces of most poisonous ancients, with enormous flaps on the edges that open up as it starts attacking. Its broad flaps can be used to strike, and if blasted repeatedly, they will cause severe damage.

Infested Grineer

The Infested Grineer Boss is another famous close-range toxic enemy that will use its enormous weapon to strike you. With quick rolls, these attacks can be dodged. It will periodically decrease its speed when rolling horizontally. It can be detected while swinging vertically towards you. It necessitates careful timing of your shots and movement. It contains a peculiar visage that appears when it attacks, indicating a Grineer ancestry, along with its barbaric manner in which it attacks, which quality is shared by most combat Grineer adversaries. Its mouth and also beneath it that emerges during its attacks are both vulnerable.

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Lephantis Level 2

Lephantis’ heads would be joined to a continuously moving body, allowing it to accelerate its speed on the stage in front of you. To defeat them, you must target and shoot their vulnerable spots. When its head’s health runs out, it explodes, enabling you to target the others.

Some Tips and Tricks

To deal with Lephantis, these tips and tricks can be very helpful.

  • Choose a weapon that is easy to use and has an accurate iron sight. Most players like sniper rifles because of their increased damage and pinpoint precision. Any weapon you like will suffice as long as you can handle it properly. 
  • Corrosive damage is more effective against Lephantis’ armor type, fossilized armor, so plan accordingly. Take a weapon that you can use accurately. As mentioned earlier, most players prefer sniper rifles. Sniper rifles do significant damage and have pinpoint accuracy. Any weapon you are comfortable with will suffice as long as you can use it well.
  • Heat damage is best against Lephantis’ armor type, fossilized armor, therefore try to build for it. It does stealth heat damage. It can be upgraded for toxic gas damage. Its hitbox is pretty huge and does a considerable amount of damage. The Ignis or Ignis Wraith is a good sortie weapon for the mission ‘Lephantis Steel Path.’
  • You should use Warframes precisely with good updates. These weapons impact bosses, like The Frost and his Snow Globe, Harrow and his Condemn. These Warframes are best to take on Lephantis solo.
  • Although melee weapons are helpful to combat Lephantis, it is preferable to use ranged weaponry. 


Once you’ve defeated the boss, exit the mission, and you’ll get a standard Nekros part as a reward. Although Lephantis appears to be a massive and powerful foe, you should be able to defeat it with the correct equipment and customizations.

As discussed earlier, the final boss is a colossal boss. It is a three-headed boss. Each of its heads has its own thorax and arsenal of weaponry. These three heads represent different stages and levels. The Poisonous Corpus head is quite armed. It has Toxin-inflicting grenades that can dodge Warframe shielding. The Grineer head swings a gigantic scythe while the Ancient Infested head fires spores that explode on contact. The damage cap mechanic is the most critical aspect of Lephantis to grasp. 

Lephantis, unlike previous characters of the game, has a limit on the damage of a single shot. Furthermore, it is impervious to status ailments. As a result, weapons like The Optical and Sniper Rifles aren’t ideal. Quick-firing weapons that deal some damage per shot are far better suited for this battle. A gun like the Soma or Soma Prime, with Blast, Corrosive mods, and Slash, is a great option. Since Lephantis is a fossilized adversary, these are the dangerous damage kinds to use against him. Ammo conservation is an issue, so make sure to bring a lot of ammo with you next time. 

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