How To Get Narrow-Minded in Warframe?

Narrow-Minded provides the warframe an incredible length of time. However, it does this at the expense of the Ability’s Range. This is ideal for warframes with limited area abilities. Nonetheless, you can readily mitigate Narrow Minded’s adverse impact by using the good old-fashioned stretch mod. It boosts Ability Duration while decreasing Ability Range. Warframe abilities are available in a large variety. You can obtain Narrow Minded through Vault Ruins with Vault Keys and Constitution as an Alert Reward.

How to Get Narrow-Minded

  • Apply this mod on frames that do not depend on the Range of abilities. Also on ones that don’t offset the loss of Range using Stretch and Mod Overextended.

What is Stretch?

Stretch is essentially a module that extends the scope of Warframe powers.

Reach was the previous name of this feature. The devs implemented the Reach mod for mallets. Then, they modified its title to Stretch. Focus on the Ability. Attempt to rapidly get into the midst of a throng and cast your capacity. You can sweep an entire area if your scope is big enough.

  • Mesa

Mesa, the gunslinger, utilizes both style and strength to defeat her opponents in a hail of ballistic munitions. Mesa was the first to shoot in Version 15.5. (2014-11-27).

Ability Range does not affect MesaIcon Mesa’s abilities. However, this substantially enhances her Shooting Gallery and Shatter Shield periods. The Shooting Gallery experiences a reduced stun range due to this. Her Peacemaker’s energy drain decreases as well. However, this minimizes the minimum FoV.

  • Loki

Loki is indeed wicked and deceitful. Loki is a vulnerable yet quick deceiver in Warframe. He lacks direct damage powers. Instead, he focuses on the arts of diversion, misdirection, destruction, displacement, and subtlety.

Loki must maintain a prolonged period of Marginalization (still susceptible between recasts) on lengthy solo stealth runs.

  • Limbo

This one is Limbo, the Rift’s ruler. Limbo is indeed here or anywhere in a realm of darkness and actuality. 

Protective Setups may be beneficial for Limbo. They allow him to guard targets with Cataclysm for a more extended period. Doing so without clashing with other Warframes. This also lowers the likelihood that a stray Nullifier may negate the bubble.

  • They are generally regarded for Chroma tank setups that utilize Cold Elemental Ward and Vex Armor at the same time. These capabilities use a burst of power, and the user can be pretty vulnerable between spells. As an added bonus, no ability requires scope if used just for defending.
  • The Titania build centered on Razorwing is a must-have. The reason being, an essential aspect of the construct is minimizing energy drain without losing Ability Strength. Furthermore, the Ability Range doesn’t affect the Ability. Chroma tank setups that utilize Cold Elemental Ward and Vex Armor at the same time receive strong praises. This is because both abilities use a great deal of energy, and the user can be quite vulnerable between spells. As an extra bonus, neither of them improve range if used just for tanking.
  • Beneficial for a Nova build since the amount of the Molecular Prime rises by time and also enhances the quantity of sluggish impact on opponents by higher strength ability. Reduces the Range of null stars that fly away inadvertently when used for reduction of damage.

Play Outside Your Comfort Zone

It isn’t about avoiding portals. You could have the same result with two portals as you can with one. However, it is more expensive. Nova seldom has energy problems since she does not rely on spamming. It gives you so many choices. Plus, it doesn’t even turn any off if you want to go low Range. You can’t claim the same for null stars or prime because of their mechanics and the required time. That’s the end of the narrative.

You’ll acquire it eventually if you try to play outside of your usual environment.

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