How To Get Ivara in Warframe? – A Complete Guide

Ivara is a very distinctive Warframe because of her skills and stealth abilities. However, many people are having problems locating Ivara’s pieces and blueprint. If you’re also one of them, then stop worrying. We have got you from here. In this article, we will discuss which is the best area to farm blueprints and specific pieces of Ivara. 

The quickest way to farm Ivara is to join a team or do public spying operations. However, not all pieces drop on every mission, so you must do specific objectives to farm her properly. Ivara would have similar crafting requirements as other Warframes, but in addition to farming her parts, you will have to obtain her blueprint in the very same way.

Where You Can Farm Ivara in Warframe

Ivara could be farmed by completing spy missions, possibly receiving her parts as a reward. 

To find out where to farm Ivara, look at the list of missions below, also with their planet.


The blueprints of Ivara can be found by completing the following missions:

  • Laomedeia (Neptune)
  • Rosalind (Uranus)
  • Kappa (Sedna)
  • Oceanum (Pluto)


The neuroptics of Ivara can be found by completing the following missions:

  • Laomedeia (Neptune)
  • Kappa (Sedna)
  • Rosalind (Uranus)
  • Oceanum (Pluto)


The chassis of Ivara can be found by completing the following missions:

  • Amalthea (Jupiter)
  • Dione (Saturn)
  • Bode (Ceres)
  • Valac (Europa)
  • Pavlov (Lua)


The systems of Ivara can be found by completing the following missions:

  • Unda (Venus)
  • Arval (Mars)
  • Cambria (Earth)
  • Suisei (Mercury)
  • Shklovsky (Phobos)

Ideal Way to Farm Ivara

Take into account that there is no ideal spot to farm Ivara pieces other than completing any spy operation faster than the ones listed above.

To have a shot of getting her part, you must hack all vaults, which means A, B, and C must all be effectively hacked. Since you’ll most likely be completing numerous runs, it’s best to play with a group or go to a public session to save time. 

It’s best to use a stealthy Warframe to complete the job efficiently without alerting opponents since this will prevent the game from moving into an extermination mission if alarms are raised constantly. Since you will be allowed to take a single letter, having at least three persons in a team can ensure a quick task. 

So that’s everything that you should know about farming Ivara in Warframe. Still, if you think that something is missing, then feel free to leave a comment below. Also, if you love playing Harrow, here’s a quick Harrow guide which will definitely be of great help to you!

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