How To Enhance Gear in AFK Arena – Explained

AFK Arena is a casual action card game. In this game, players establish their customized team and move up levels with rare AFK Awards. The game connects thousands of players from all over the world.

The Hero section displays all the characters that a player owns. With the use of the heroes, players can participate in various events and enter arenas. Engaging in such activities will contribute to the progress and the player’s level in the game.

One of the ideal methods to increase your hero’s power in the AFK Arena is boosting gear. Enhancing your equipment even once can help you complete the daily quest. It is also helpful in upgrading your team in the game. 

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Improving the gear in the AFK Arena game is easy. You can follow these easy step-by-step instructions:

  • On the bottom menu tab, click on the Heroes tab
  • You can choose any of the heroes with their piece of equipment which you want to enhance
  • Select the gear you want to improve and click on the enhance tab
  • Choose the token you want to sacrifice and click on confirm

The method for improving tools in the game is easy as long as you follow the instructions thoroughly.

How to enhance gear?

The only way to enhance pieces of equipment in the AFK Arena is to have higher or unique gear. You cannot make upgrades on any random gear as it would be an average one.

You can differentiate between the different gears in the game by the difference in background colors. The blue background represents unique pieces of equipment, while a regular tool has a grey background, and the green background represents the standard gear. 

Further, the purple background represents Elite gear, the orange background means Legendary gear, and the red background stands for Mystic gear. You can make enhancements on all such high-ranking pieces of equipment in the game.

In AFK Arena, once a player has pieces of equipment with a red, orange, blue, or purple background, they can initiate the upgrade.

You can try the equipment on your heroes before continuing with the enhancement process.

Firstly, you need to go to the Heroes tab located at the bottom of the menu bar. Secondly, you need to select a hero of your choice. Finally, you can choose a specific gear slot to pick the equipment you want or utilize the Equip Gear button.

Using the Equip Gear button will automatically select the best gear for your hero. The system will choose one of the best tools from among all the pieces of equipment available. Such an option also makes sure to select a device not worn by any of your heroes. 

The hero page will allow you to try on any of the gear on your hero and make enhancements. 

When you click on the gear, you will find a pop-up displaying the stats of the item.

Additionally, on the pop-up display, you will also find an enhancement button if you wish to make improvements go ahead and press on the button.

On arriving at the Enhancement page, you can initiate your upgrades by spending Enhancement Tokens and gear.

Making the selection of the Enhancement Tokens and gears will add improvement points to the selected item.

Equipping gear in AFK arena is a pretty easy thing to do. All you have to do is is go to your hero page and then you'll see the equip tab! Just click it and that's it, you're done!

Above the Enhancement Tokens bar, you will find the display of enhancement points. The display bar allows you to know how many points you need for upgrading a selected item and move up the level.

After choosing the right Enhancement Tokens and gear of your choice, you can click on the confirm button.

The upgrade points used for taking a piece of equipment to its next level are dependent on its type and rarity.

Importance of gear upgrade

Initially, there are many resources available to upgrade the five main hero’s gears fully.

Gradually as the game progresses, it becomes expensive to enhance gear. You have no choice at such a level but to choose to enhance items based on needs and requirements.

Some helpful tips to make the right choice when enhancing gear in the AFK Arena are making your carry heroes a priority. 

Carry heroes favorably impact the consequence of the battle.

The next items you should upgrade would be your support heroes and tanks.

In the later part of the game, it becomes necessary to only upgrade gears with a group bonus. Such items are the only ones that you can utilize on a wholly optimized team.

Even if there is no group hero on your team that matches the group bonus, it is pertinent to upgrade. Such enhancements will be crucial for you in the later stage of the game.

It would help if you also were careful not to make a full improvement of one piece of equipment at one go. Making enhancements are costly, so you might want to upgrade one level at a time.

You can enhance other pieces of equipment on different levels one at a time.

Make sure to continue enhancing the gears of your main heroes till they reach level 3. After you achieve such a stage, you can improve other heroes’ pieces of equipment.

Is it necessary for you to spend resources to enhance gears?

The later stages of the game make gear enhancement a pretty expensive affair.

Regardless of the expenses, spending resources is a necessity to progress forward in the game. It would help if you spent your gold on improving the pieces of equipment in the game.

Enhancing the pieces of equipment of your heroes is crucial from the game point of view and progress. You must follow the instructions thoroughly to get the best result. Make sure to make upgrades on any piece of tool one level at a time. Also, prioritize your heroes so that you do not confuse which ones are the leading players.

It is crucial to read reviews of well-known websites to understand the game better. You will also get helpful tips and tricks to progress ahead in the game. Reviews and feedback will be crucial in helping you make the right choice and choose the right team or hero.

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