How to Counter Lee Sin?

League of Legends is a world-known video game that represents one of the most popular ones in the entire world. With over 150 champions at players’ disposal, all of them will inevitably have some counterplay. Riot Games made sure that no champion could be unbeatable.

The one that we will cover today is Lee Sin. In the jungle or a solo lane, this champion broke the boundaries in a couple of recent patches. Are you sick of getting counter jungled by this champion in your promos? With our tips, we’ll help you beat him. So, it would be beneficial to know how to counter him, right?

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How To Play Versus Lee In The Early Game?

Lee Sin will be trying to get as many kills as he can during the early game. If he gets any chance, he will most likely outmaneuver everyone. Simply, that’s how this champion is created. So, you probably wonder what you can do to stop his early dominance, isn’t that correct? Luckily, we are here to give you some great tips about it. 

First and foremost, your counter-strategy depends on whether you will be facing Lee in the jungle or a solo lane. We will cover both of those sections so you can have a complete and comprehensive picture of exact countermeasures for the blind man.

When it comes to the top matchup, you should be taking ignite instead of teleport as a summoner spell. That way, you will shake the mentality of the Lee player for a bit even before the beginning, and he will lose some confidence. And yet, it will give you a lot more space to play aggressively into him. The most important thing to remember in the early phases is that you mustn’t push the wave into his tower.

That is a comfort zone for Lee Sin, who can quickly dash back with his W ability. So, it would help if you learned the basics of wave management and forced Lee to push it towards you. The best position for the wave to be settled is in the middle of the lane. 

Lee Sin top laners usually use simple combos. They like hitting opponents with their first Q by following it, dealing the damage with their E, and back away with W dash on the creeps behind. To counterplay this, you should allow Lee to hit his first Q.

That way, he will be tempted to follow it and apply a full combo. You can counter it by using CC when he comes to you with the second Q. After that stun, sleep, or any other crowd control, you will be able to transmit a full combo onto him. However, it would be best to avoid his Q ability, but your CC can help you if not.

What Items To Build?

From early items, you should be focusing on healing reduction ones. So, if you are planning to deal damage, take Executioner’s Calling or Oblivion Orb if you play a mage. On the other hand, take Bramble Vest if you think that he will be more aggressive in the lane.

By healing reduction, he will not have much sustain as he used to in the laning phase. After these, you should be focusing on taking some extra armor in the form of Plated SteelCaps and completing your mythic item. The likes of Everfrost for mages and Sunfire Ages for tanks should be prioritized items.

After that, it is necessary to complete anti-heal items like Thornmail, Mortal Reminder, or Chempunk Chainsword. Also, you can play a champion that is Serpent’s Fang item user, like Jayce or Graves, for example. With this item, you will decrease Lee’s shields from W and Sterak’s Gage that he will indeed attempt to build.

In the jungle matchups, you should try to pick some duelist that can match his early dominance. If not, the best option for you is to counter jungle him and take as many resources as possible.

But if you find yourself against him within jungle camps, as long as you dodge his Q, you can easily win the trade and eventually take the kill. Or at least, force him to flash away. That would be enough early victory for you.

What About The Late Game?

Lee Sin gains a massive power spike after completing his two core items, Goredrinker and Sterak’s Gage. You will need a demanding CC-oriented champion whose build has healing reduction items included.

In the late game, Lee Sin will focus on reaching your backline and kicking your ADC into his teammates. To counterplay it, you should always be close to your backline and not allow him to take that maneuver. Or if he manages to do it, CC him as fast as you can and ping your team to shut him down first. 

Lee is also good at taking objectives throughout the entire game, especially early on. In later stages, when decisions about getting the soul and fights for Baron and Elder Dragon are present in the Summoner’s Rift, try to get as much vision as possible around these objectives. He can quickly try to steal it from you, so you must keep an eye on him and try to bring him down before the dragon spawns on the map.

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What Picks To Choose?

Finally, we have come to the picks. It is something that is probably the most significant for you. Knowing which champions are great in a matchup against Lee will secure some extra LP. So, let’s see which ones we have prepared for you.


Skarner is an excellent counter pick to Lee in the jungle. It is a CC-oriented champion that has a tanky build too. During the early game, Lee Sin will gank aggressively and try to hit level three quickly. He will also try to control the Crystals and try to take him down. If Lee Sin wants to fight, he can do so by Q>AA-ing you and then fighting with your W and E.

He can also use his Ultimate to distract someone during a fight. As Skarner, your most significant advantage is your R ability. If Lee tries to kick someone away from you, rapidly press R and take him into your team instead. Your teammates only have to follow, and Lee is dead.


Evelynn is a popular SoloQ jungler whose kit perfectly suits Lee Sin. But you have to be aware that he will try to bring you down in the early stages. So, focus only on farming and scaling. After completing two items, he will not be able to match you. Evelynn has a strong kit with charm available in her abilities.

If you successfully apply it, you will one-shot him without leaving him time to react. Counterplay by Eve can be implemented when he tries to lend his second Q. That’s when you charm him and deal a full combo. 


Both Lee Sin and Elise are based on early game decisions, aggressively contest vision, and the river to minimize Lee Sin’s snowballing. Lee Sin is known to gank heavily in the early game, so be aware of his actions and stay prepared to react on time.

Elise is a strong pick versus Lee due to her massive duel 1v1 potential and stuns into her kit. You can counterplay him by playing around dodging his Q with your spider form. When you see him throwing his Q, immediately jump and lend onto him. You will be able to switch for and apply a stun. Electrocute will be easily applied, and the rest of your combo is a guaranteed hit.


Although Lee Sin represents a strong blind pick in the jungle primarily, you should be able to counter him with the champions and tips from above. Of course, League of Legends requires a particular skill, and playing these heroes won’t be enough. Practice them if you haven’t played them at all. Once you master their combos and know the limits, Lee will not be able to harm you.

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