How to Check Season Progress in Diablo 3?

A lot has changed in Seasons over the years in Diablo 3. The game’s developers have been constantly trying to update and improve the experience for players. One of the most important aspects of any Season is knowing how far you’ve progressed. 

There are a few different ways to check your Season progress in Diablo 3, which we will explain below.

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Why Should You Check Season Progress?

There are a few reasons why you should check your season progress in Diablo 3.

The first reason is to see how far you have progressed in the season. This is especially important if you are trying to achieve a specific goal, such as attaining a new tier of rewards or reaching a certain level. Checking your progress will help you determine whether or not you are on track to reach your goals.

Another reason to check your season progress is to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the available rewards. There are many different rewards available in Diablo 3, and it is important to claim them all in order to get the most out of the season. Checking your progress will help you ensure that you haven’t missed any rewards.

Finally, checking your season progress can help you stay motivated. Seeing how far you have come in the season can drive you to continue progressing until you reach your goal. Checking your progress is a great way to keep track of your achievements and stay motivated to keep playing.

3 Ways To Check Season Progress in Diablo 3

Now that you know why you should check your season progress let’s look at the different ways to do so.

Quest Log

Quest Log is an in-game window that displays all of the quests currently active for a player character. It shows the quest’s name, objective, and current progress. The Quest Log is divided into six tabs: Main Story, Side Quests, Nephalem Rifts, Bounties, Seasonal Journey, and Completed Quests. 

  • The Main Story tab includes all of the quests required to complete the story campaign. 
  • The Side Quests tab includes all of the non-story quests available in the game. 
  • The Nephalem Rifts tab includes all of the rift portals opened. 
  • The Bounties tab includes all of the bounty portal locations discovered. 
  • The Seasonal Journey tab includes all of the seasonal quests that are available. 
  • The Completed Quests tab includes all of the completed quests.

When a player completes a quest, its name is added to the Completed Quests tab, and its objective is added to the Main Story tab. If a player fails a quest, its name is added to the Failed Quests tab, and its objective is added to the Main Story tab.

The Quest Log can be filtered to only show active or completed quests. It can also be filtered to only show specific types of quests. 

A player can open the Quest Log by pressing “L” on the keyboard, by clicking on the compass in the top-left corner of the screen, or by pressing the button that is displayed next to the quest tracker in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

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Season Journey

The Season Journey is a set of tasks that you can complete in order to earn rewards. The rewards vary depending on the task but can include experience, gold, gems, and even new cosmetic items.

There are four main categories of tasks in the Season Journey:

  • Bounty: Complete bounties for experience and gold.
  • Dungeon: Complete dungeons for experience and loot.
  • Rift: Complete rifts for experience and gold.
  • Campaign: Complete chapters of the campaign for experience and rewards.

Completing the Season Journey tasks will also reward you with a banner and portrait frame. The banner can be displayed in public games, and the portrait frame can be used for your profile picture.

You can check your progress on the Season Journey by opening the main menu and selecting “Journey.” This will show you all of the tasks you have completed and what rewards you have earned. You can also click on each category to see a list of the individual tasks.

The Season Journey resets at the beginning of every season, so make sure to complete as many tasks as possible before it expires. 

Paragon Menu

The Paragon Menu is an in-game menu that can be accessed by opening the main menu and selecting the “Paragon” tab. The Paragon Menu displays your progress in the current season, as well as your all-time progress in Diablo 3. The Paragon Menu also includes a variety of other information, such as your current XP level and the total amount of XP you’ve earned across all Seasons.

The Paragon Menu is a great way to track your progress in Diablo 3, both in the current season and overall. It’s especially helpful for comparing your progress in different seasons to see how you’re doing relative to past Seasons.

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Bottom Line

No matter which way you choose to check your Season progress, it’s important to stay on top of your game and make sure that you’re doing everything possible to reach the end of the Seasonal journey. Good luck!

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