How to Capture Eidolon in Warframe?


In the entire Warframe, Eidolons are one of those bosses in open areas of the game. They keep wandering and roaming around the plains. Their mission is to keep searching for their lost components. Also, once they find their lost components, they will get the form of the deadliest enemy alive, which will be impossible to kill. They were defeated during the old war in Tenno, and now they are remnants of some massive Sentients. 

If you are facing Eidolons, you are in extreme danger because Eidolons are not so easy to be defeated. It takes much effort and consistency to defeat it and earn your achievement. They are not so easy to break. Their armor attack and damage rate are so high that they can keep giving the greater damage to the Warframe upon death. Their defense system is so strong that even a huge amount of damage doesn’t give any damage, and they feel like no harm. You must use techniques to achieve this mission. Defeating can be easy, but capturing them is too dangerous, as they can’t be handled easily. To accomplish your task and earn your victory, you must have to defeat one of the Eidolons. 

A Guide to Hunt Eidolons in Warframe

A new player can never deal with Eidolon. Every time a new player tries to capture Eidolon, the player gets defeated instead. So, new players can’t deal with Eidolon because they don’t even know what the game is about and what to do. You must play with your squad consisting of 4 players; one is you and three remaining. 

There are many chances that one of your teammates might know what to do and how to do it in a hurrying situation, even against Eidolons. However, if you don’t trust any of your mates and don’t want to rely on them, then you should gain self-experience. It will help you even in social life and helps in becoming a better person. If you don’t want to rely on any, you should gain experience capturing Eidolons and defeating them. 

The encounter of Eidolons requires a lot of effort. The player will play Quest missions to deal with an average level of enemies. You must have to meet with Quills, which might find you on Cetus. He will help you level the armor up and make you safer and sounder. 

For a new player, he will need to learn the basics of capturing Eidolon. Once you learn every inch, then you will never be defeated during Eidolon missions. You can also capture it and kill it in your first attempt, which will make you a more experienced player, and develop the habit of self-learning through it. 

The basics for capturing Eidolon is quite simple. Once you understand it, half of your problems will be solved. Without any experience, you can capture Eidolon in your first attempt; just make sure you get those basics completely. A slightly wrong move can cause the Eidolon to damage you upon death. 

For killing Eidolon, you first have to find 2 Eidolon Lures in the Grineer camps. After finding them, hack those Lures. After hacking them, use 3 Vomvalysts to charge each Lure. Lures are the strange flying mechanism that charges up the Eidolon. You also find some small flying Eidolons on your way. 

Make sure you keep killing them one by one. Once your Lure gets finally charged, you can use it against that Eidolon and defeat it. First, try to break the shield, then attack his special parts that weaken it, and keep killing small Eidolons that help charge Eidolon. Thus, in this way, you will defeat the Eidolon and accomplish your mission.   

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