How to Beat Kuva Lich in Warframe? (A Complete Guide)

In Warframe, the Kuva Lich is a new foe. The Kuva Lich is an opponent that follows your hand and takes you down. It also invades the system, first appearing in Version 26, The Old-Blood. You are the only Tenno who can kill your Kuva Lich, and you will need an upgraded Parazon weapon to use it.

Grinner warriors are challenging to come across and much more challenging to eliminate. Only Tenno, armed with a gleaming new weapon called the Parazon, can deliver the decisive strike. 

How to Find Kuva Lich?

You must first slay a Kuva Larvling in order to find a Kuva Lich. In the Origin System, these can be found in any ordinary level 20+ Grineer quest. I rerun the Cassini Capture mission till one appeared. Fissures, Quests, Sorties, and Special Regions are not included. You’ll also need to finish The War Inside, as it’s a requirement for Kuva Lich-themed stuff.

When you kill a Kuva Larvaling with Parazon on either a Level 20 (or above) or Grinner task, Kuva Lich could spawn. When you kill the Kuva Lich, the Kuva Larvling will show you which weapon it will be armed with because if the weapons don’t interest you, it won’t destroy the Larvling you take care of business types.

As you proceed, the Kuva Larvling will appear into your objective, with a red target point on the map. Keep following the waypoint, destroy the Larvaling, and the Kuva Lich will appear as a reprisal. 

The mission can then be completed as planned. When you’ve completed the assignment and returned to your ship, the Lich will begin to converse with you. The Lich is a one-of-a-kind creature to its title, statistics, and weapon. So, where do you look for Kuva Larvaling?

You’ll come upon a red waypoint while on your Grinner assignment. That should alert you to the presence of a Kuva Larvaling nearby. The Kuva Larvaling will be found if you follow it. If you kill it, it will transform it into Kuva Lich right away.

The most crucial thing to consider when creating a new Kuva Lich is the Warframe you wish to employ. The Warframe, which generates a Kuva Lich, determines the Kuva Lich weapon’s elemental damage boost, as well as the sort of Ephemera they will have if they hatch with one. Ultimately, Lich’s powers will be dictated by the Progenitor Warframe. Based on the Kuva Larvling, you’ll be able to predict which type of Kuva Lich will spawn.

Thus, if you don’t want to generate an unwelcome Kuva Lich (which players can’t get free of after you have it), try not to kill the Kuva Larvaling and retry the operation till you succeed. If you slay a Kuva Larvaling, you’ll get your own Kuva Lich you keep on your ship. It will begin to converse with you, but each Lich does have its own identity, statistics, and weaponry.

How to Fight Kuva Lich?

You must wear down the Kuva Lich to defeat them. You do specific missions in Lich-controlled Nodes and use the Paragon cannon to eliminate their Thralls. You need to bring out your Kuva Lich to defeat them. You accomplish this by completing tasks in Lich-controlled Nodes and eliminating their Thralls. Killing Thralls with the Parazon will reveal the Requiem modifications you need to slay your Lich in the correct order.

The Lich will have special resistances and defenses that are only available to you. When an icon displays on your Navigation and Menu panels, you’ll know a Lich is pursuing you. The icon would show next to the Nightwave button, allowing you to view information regarding your Liches, such as Requiem Mod Attempts, Lich Level, and more. 

Finding Kuva Lich: On your Navigation, Kuva Influence will appear as a crimson cloud. It will begin with one destination, and you will be able to see which Nodes the cloud is spreading over when you click in to observe it. A Reward Tax will be applied to nodes where the Kuva Lich has exerted influence. The Lich will steal Parts of your stuff! The great news is that once you slay the Lich, you get all of your riches back.

You can execute the essential Node missions, the Kuva Lich version, and any current unique version, such as Nightmares or Invasions, from these Nodes.

How to Kill a Kuva Lich?

You can only have one Kuva Lich after you at a time; therefore, you must kill them all to receive a new one. You must utilize your upgraded Parazon and Requiem modifications to slay a Lich. The Requiem Mods constitute a jigsaw that must be put together in the precise order to achieve the fatal blow. Your team can weaken the Lich, but still, only you have the potential to kill it.

You’ll need to slay the Thralls of Lich to find out the combination. Finish the special quests on the Nodes in which the Lich has the power to accomplish this. Thralls will appear as you explore. Beat them as usual, then run up and engage with them when they fall over with the red symbol above them to give the Secret Mercy Finisher. You’ll get a Requiem Murmur if you do this. To figure out what other Requiem Mod combo will be fatal to your Lich, you must first kill the Thralls and clear the Nodes.

Thralls appear to be relatively abundant; on one Extermination assignment, I had nine of them spawn. You’ll get a “Requiem Murmur” if you do so. You’ll have to repeat this process eight times (for each of the eight mods), and they’ll ultimately reveal the secret combination of mods you’ll need to kill your Lich. It’s also vital to figure out the order.

Furthermore, whenever the Kuva Lich appears in your missions, you have the option of gaining all of the murmurs or performing a trial and error approach and repeating battles. You’ll have two options once you’ve found the correct combination of Mods. You can either kill or convert the Kuva Lich.

Killing it grants players a Kuva Weapon while turning it to your team and allows you to battle with it. After you’ve completed the three sections of the Kuva Lich’s hit points and delivered a blow with Parazon every time, you’ll be able to make this decision.

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