How Do You Get Rid of Helminth Cyst?

After reading this article, you will have the answers on how you get rid of a Helminth Cyst. It is said to be the most painful infection of our body, requiring immediate medical attention. If it is not treated well, it may lead to complications. In this article, I am going to give you practical ways of curing the infection.

The infection is well-known for taking over Grineer and Corpus enemies alike. They cause mutations and severe changes to the hosts and transform them into abominations you have to fight. It is now clear that the Grineer, Corpus, and other organic or non-organic living forms are susceptible to the infection. The warframe is also vulnerable to this illness and can be used as a host for parasitic tenocytes. Although you might not immediately notice, there are chances that your warframe could be infected. Later on, you will see changes due to the infection.

This guide will help you understand what to do if the helminth virus ever infects you and afterward.

The Origin of The Helminth Cyst Virus

Before we get down to the treatment, let’s discuss the causes of the Helminth infection. The main reason behind the infection is the immune system imbalance. Our body produces an antibody called interferon that fights bacteria. However, if there is an overload of bacteria, the interferon-stimulated also becomes ineffective in fighting off the invaders. Hence, the result is infection.

The herpes simplex virus, also known as the Herpes Simplex Virus, is the most common virus that causes genital herpes. Approximately 5 million new cases are diagnosed annually in the US, with an additional million diagnosed overseas. The herpes simplex virus is enveloped in a protein called the biosphere or envelope. It is essential to understand that this is only the tip of the iceberg. In this article, we will discuss the origins of the Helminth cyst or the Helminth infection.

Now, there are numerous theories as to the origin of the virus. Some experts believe that the disease originated from some strain of pasteurized milk containing a live virus. Others say a bite from an infected bird brought it about. Nevertheless, there is not any concrete evidence regarding these claims.

A small area at the back of your orbiter is made accessible by the nidus Warframe’s connection to the infestation after it has been acquired. Nidus is a warframe that was built on the infestation and was designed to make use of it. However, if it has to interact with the Helminth or its infestation more often, something may happen within him that could cause a chain reaction. You’ll have noticed that there’s an infestation in your orbiter. With Nidus as your current warframe, you can approach it and get a result that is not possible with other clean Warframes. Nidus will react as you come to infected sections of your body. The mutations will be visible. This indicates that there is a solid connection to the infection, making it tempting to check.

Nidus then enters the room to see if there is a severe illness. There may also be a chair in the central part of the area, with which Nidus may interact. Nidus will contract the infection touching the chairs. After 24 hours, a cyst will form on his neck. This cyst will continue growing for seven days until it matures fully. When nidus contacts, whether your friend, clan mate or random mission participant, they can get infected and develop a cyst. Anyone who has been infected with Nidus’ Helminth virus will be able to spread to others, just like Nidus did to them. This will continue to happen, leading to the growth of a cyst in your warframe and any other infected.

Do not panic; there is a way to get rid of this infection. There are two ways to do it.

Method 1

In this method, I am extracting the Helminth Cyst in the infected area. This viral infection is treated by identifying the source of the infection.

  • Enter the area where Nidus contracted the cyst by heading towards it.
  • The Helminth virus spreads from the infected area and after that goes to the chair.
  • The chair will offer you the option to “cure cyst,” eliminating the cyst from your warframes neck.
  • You have the option of choosing this, or you can leave and come back anytime you wish if you decide to change your mind.
  • You will be asked to choose to sit on the chair. This will trigger a brief scene in which the infected area of your orbiter will begin a procedure to remove the pink cyst from your neck.

Ordis will be shocked and shout out, “Operator? No! Have you lost your mind?” This is just a shock because he doesn’t know what the Helminth does, but the end causes the Helminth to remove the cyst.

After removing the cyst from Warframes, make them immune to future infections. This also ensures that you don’t get the cyst again. This applies only to the current Warframe. Any other Warframes will be infected with the Helminth cyst. You will need to have it removed by one of these methods. The cyst is not a threat to your Warframe or causes any problems. It’s just enticing to other players by telling them you have “space Aids” and making funny comments about your neck.

Method 2

This method includes extracting the cyst and using it to breed a helminth charger. Although it is still a mystery to many players, an infected Kubrow variant is the Helminth Charger. This combination can be achieved by using the Helminth Cyst and a Kubrow Egg. Before you can extract the cyst and breed the Helminth charger, it must be fully matured. This is also the procedure for how to get a Helminth Charger.

  • Start by getting to know the incubator on your ship.
  • Choose Kubrow breeding options to start breeding the Kubrow.
  • You will not be permitted to breed if you don’t have an Incubator Core, Kubrow Egg, or a Stasis Slot.
  • You will need to put any current pets into the status to make room for the new pet.
  • After you have met all requirements, click on Start Incubation.

Instead of choosing to use imprints or random incubation, there is an option that says drain. Click this to initiate the process of draining your pink cyst from your neck. This will allow you to breed the new Kubrow and Helminth Chargers.

The above step will guide you through how to remove infected Kubrow. When you’re ready, click “Yes” to proceed with the breeding process. You should wait for the right time, just like you would with any other pet you might breed. It’s there! You now have the Helminth Charger, your new infected companion.

Although the Helminth Charger looks similar to a Kubrow, it has different abilities and attacks identical to Nidus or infected. This may be like Kubrows, which can gain affinity and rank up. You have successfully removed the cyst from your neck, and you can now breed a firm companion who is not infected.


This is all you need to know about getting rid of Helminth Cyst. There are two options available to get rid of the pink cyst growing on your neck. You can either altogether remove it or extract it to make the Helminth Charger. If you have had an infection removed before, the infection will not affect your health. The virus is most common in new Warframes. If it’s not yet cured, you may want to bring it back to your doctor.

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