Top 21 Hottest Female Streamers On Twitch In 2021

Everyone wants to be on social media nowadays. So people create a niche for themselves to promote what they can do or deliver. Recently, we’ve seen a massive increase of ex-porn stars and models on Instagram. Instagram has become a platform where these stars display their power of sexuality. Their goal is building fame and making money on Twitch.

Nevertheless, not everyone is gifted like Leo Messi in playing football. Some stars don’t have the special privileges of becoming the next thing. Today, we present a list of some of the hottest streamers. These streamers can dance seductively, play with alluring objects and display their gorgeous bodies to impress their male counterparts. All of these actions are geared towards acquiring more donations.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a platform owned by and has enjoyed increasing internet traffic in recent times. According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitch’s internet traffic surpasses that of Hulu and Facebook. Today, the platform has broadened its horizons and is now a multi-niched platform. Users can stream various activities such as cooking, music, painting, or anything classified as creative.

Despite being diversified as a platform, the gaming community is its biggest community, with many female professional gamers. Interestingly, these gamers are not just brilliant but also beautiful such that they are mistaken for models.

Remarkably, the gaming community has changed in recent times, from being a playground for hackneyed nerds to where everyone has a leveled field. Today, you can find different people from different walks of life showcasing their art. Obviously, you can imagine these hot and beautiful ladies doing exceptionally well on Twitch, which allows donations, tipping, and paid subscriptions.

While it is normal for any streamer to have cameras and stream, it doesn’t hurt if they look angelic and attractive. For most people, it is simply using what you have to get what you want. Whether you despite these girls or welcome their display of beauty and gaming skills, they bring uniqueness to the online gaming industry, one that even their male counterparts haven’t been able to surmount.

In this write-up, we will explore some of the hottest female streamers in 2021 that Twitch has to offer. Interestingly, we would distinguish the bad ones from the good ones. It is undoubtedly going to be an exciting ride as we sway you into what makes them unique. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Kayla

Username: alittlekay

Estimated Followers: 76k


Nationality: American

Kayla is known for her glamorous appearance instead of her gaming skills in the industry. It doesn’t mean her gaming skills are that bad. However, her appearance seems to be her best selling point. Ironically, the audience loves a slim and petite girl with the right body proportions.

She brings a lot of energy into each stream, which is why she is among the favorites. Furthermore, she incorporates her audience and followers into each stream in the best way possible. Her Twitch profile comprises entertaining home videos and chatting stuff, which mainly displays her flittering skill with whatever she is wearing.

However, some viewers have criticized her style of streaming for being too hardcore. Interestingly, taking a preview to her Instagram feed, you would agree why these viewers have that notion. Furthermore, her photoshoots seem to be above the roof; she has an average of ten different selfies per month.

Notwithstanding this “criticism”, Kay offers frisky snaps to her loyal subscribers on Patreon. Remarkably, it has contributed to her becoming the hottest streamer on Twitch.

2. Caroline

Username: lilchiipmunk

Estimated Followers: 448k

Age: 27

Nationality: Canadian

You can call Caroline the “teasing queen.” She loves to tease her audience with her scrumptious look and has earned a name for herself as the “sexy Twitch thot.” Controversy seems to have helped her in her career as she was previously banned due to a sexualized twerking video she posted beckoning on her audience if she “did make anyone come yet.”

However, that single video got her banned, which divided the gaming community. Some praised her for her genuineness, whereas others criticized her and wanted her channel taken down permanently because of the provocating videos. Despite the widespread cry, she did return with great fanfare at the end. These controversies contributed to increasing her audience.

Notwithstanding these controversies, she hasn’t slowed down her indecent dressing or posting videos aimed at captivating her followers. Caroline combines her nerdy looks and gaming skills to gain attention on Twitch. In terms of gaming, she sticks to Counterstrike and League of Legends. If you want a streamer with that “OMG” factor, her channel is one to consider.

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3. Liz

Username: Blinkx

Estimated Followers: 169k

Age: 24

Nationality: British

If the saying is true that British girls are beautiful, then Blinkx is a depiction of that statement. She is a gorgeous and full-time variety streamer who focuses on chatting and gaming content. Despite the high X-rated stars in the industry, she is among a few that has continued to keep X-rated stuff and streaming separately.

She is well-spoken with a typical British accent that smoothens her audience. A unique selling point and why many followers seem to have like her is her bust which looks sublime in a corset. Nowadays, being well-mannered and staying elegant is often overlooked for short-term gains. However, she brings that feminine charm to every streaming.

Whenever she goes live, Liz interacts freely with her audience, making plans for events or doing giveaways to keep them enticed. At times, she creates competitions for her audience to have valentines or night dates with her. Nevertheless, if you get the opportunity to participate in her stream, try not to be unfortunate as the last guy.

Overall, she remains one of the hottest female streamers; she loves sharing her fashionable outfits and modeling photos. Nevertheless, if you want the saucy stuff, you can subscribe to her OnlyFan page. There you can see some of her hottest streams showing her well-endowed body and curves.

4. Francina Vo

Username: FRAN

Estimated Followers: 248k

Age: 27

Nationality: American

Fran is not new to the gaming scene; she has perfected her craft over 11 years in the industry. Although she isn’t frequent on Twitch, you can see her on Overwatch, where she performs her act. Undoubtedly, she has improved over time; her attractive looks make her popular. She prides herself as a big titty streamer, and therefore it does not come as a surprise that she is among the top Twitch streamers with nice boobs.

Fran imprints her impression in every stream to keep her audience captivated and engaged. Interestingly, you will always see witty comments on her videos and photos. She is a sweetheart that can blend into different characters. She is one streamer that has managed to keep her private life private. You can check her entertaining streams, and surely you won’t be disappointed.

5. Jenelle Dagres

Username: Indiefoxx

Estimated Followers: 728k

Age: 26

Nationality: American

Indiefoxx takes her job as a streamer very seriously. She is a full-term streamer from Los Angeles and has been creating “indie” content since 2017. Her content is considered respectable as she dived into lifestyle, games, and live music. Nevertheless, while trying to imitate some of the hotshots in the industry, she seems to have derailed.

She has received over four bans within the first few months of 2021, indicating that her behavior has deteriorated slowly. Some of her bans had to do with emphasizing certain parts of her body, wearing revealing lingerie, and selling VIP status to her audience by inscribing their names on her body.

Previously, she disdains female streamers that depended on sex appeal; however, nowadays, it is part of her routine to entice clients. Her audience appreciates her for adapting to the changes in the industry. Nevertheless, others see her recent change as being hypocritical. Overall, she is a sweet girl with different shades of appearance and performance.

6. Berry

Username: Berry0314

Estimated Followers: 406k

Age: 25

Nationality: Korean

Berry is a renowned Korean streamer who is multi-talented in dancing, singing, and cosplay. Nevertheless, her dancing skill is what captivates her fans; you can expect the unexpected when hooked up to her show. She can start chatting and immediately start dancing while the stream is on.

Her dancing is truly hypnotic as she moves like a goddess with her boobs bouncing to the beat of the music. She fascinates her audience naturally with her slim and sexy figure that she transits from one shape to another. To get a glimpse of what she can do, you can watch a YouTube compilation of her performance.

Similar to other Twitch girls, Berry has received several bans due to her skimpy outfits. Despite having challenges in her career, she has managed to keep the act up. After divorcing her husband, he took offense at her attitude and went to her live show, smashing the place. Fortunately, the police intervened before things went south. Indeed, Berry is one of the hottest Asian streamers that will always keep you glued to your screen.

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7. Britny Ellen

Username: Berticuss

Estimated Followers: 240k

Age: 22

Nationality: Australian

Britny is a gorgeous Aussie streamer with a mix of British and Dutch heritage. She captivated Instagram followers due to the kind of games she posts before switching to Twitch when she was sixteen years old. Britny is a star with numerous talents as she has a variety of skills, including just chatting. She is the causal gamer girl that mixes up things with her audience frequently. Interestingly, she doesn’t stick to a particular game.

Although she might have the Barbie doll looks and fake blonde hair, she isn’t like other standard Thot on Twitch. However, her playful personality and beauty seem to work the magic on her audience.

8. Jasmine

Username: Imjasmine

Estimated Followers: 243k

Age: 23

Nationality: Canadian/Vietnamese

Jasmine streams everything about her life and travels to her fans – all things are meant to get contributions and donations from them. Currently, she is on a world trip to bring the most authentic and raw content to her audience. While it might be like a dream for most people, backpacking comes with risks, especially if you are among the hottest streamers with big tits and curves.

Nevertheless, the pleasure of touring around the world comes at a price. Recently, on one of her trips to Japan, she was repeatedly stalked, harassed, and groped by some perverts who couldn’t resist her boobs. Despite the serious incident, she hasn’t slowed down since she is the kind of person that tries to turn negative situations to her advantage.

Once in a safe zone, she tends to do the extraordinary as her fans watch. This act has led her to receive over $2000 in bits for simply flashing her bang-average feet.

9. Cynthia Alicea

Username: CinCinBear

Estimated Followers: 475k

Age: 27

Nationality: American

In 2014, Cynthia signed up to Twitch after her ambition to become a doctor didn’t work as expected. Despite this situation, she has different talents and has been able to integrate them when performing her streams. In her spare time, she works as an online influencer and a lingerie model. She doesn’t shy away from showing her endowed figure to her audience.

She is among the streamers that have received a short ban for improperly displaying her body. However, whenever she has the time, she does display what she got. Cynthia mostly plays Minecraft and World of Warcraft during her streams. Notwithstanding, she has the feminine charm that has contributed to her amassing online fans. Undoubtedly, being one of the sexiest Twitch streamers, Cynthia is a household name in the industry.

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10. Emily

Username: Emiru

Estimated Followers: 280k

Age: 22

Nationality: American

Emily is an American Twitch streamer of German and Chinese descent. She is a full-time streamer and a part-time computer science student that is famous for being a League of Legends partner at Radiance.

She is a massive cosplay/anime fan that loves dressing for her audience. Her fantasy costumes, flittering looks, and little slim body make her one of the cutest girls on the list of hottest streamers. Despite these, she has an adorable personality with good vibes whenever she is streaming. Incorporating her personality and excellent gaming skills, she is your all-around Twitch celebrity.

She loves interacting with her followers, allowing them to communicate on a personal level. Although not among the top 10 streamers, she is building a niche for herself through her beauty and gaming skills. It is only a matter of time for her to take the position she deserves.

11. Alia Marie Shelesh

Username: SSSniperWolf

Estimated Followers: 291k

Age: 28

Nationality: British

Alia Marie is a British-born streamer with over 291 thousand followers glued to her streams. She has this magic that makes it hard for her audience to take their eyes off her when streaming. However, she has her controversies in the industry.

Previously, she claimed to be among the top 500 streamers, but fans discovered her account was used by her boyfriend to gain that ranking. Additionally, she was once caught on camera saying she wasn’t a real gamer and was only trying to get attention. There is also a video questionably looking like her all over Porn Hub.

Within these controversies, her fellow streamers have accused her of being two-faced because she is lying and spreading rumors within the community. There is also a documented post online about her accusing another streamer of being a sex offender.

12. Natalia Mogollon

Username: Alinity Divine

Estimated Followers: 1.3M

Age: 33

Nationality: Colombian

Natalia is a Colombian citizen but presently residing in Canada, where she has perfected her act. Widely known for her big boobs, she is regarded as a Thot streamer by most viewers. Although she has an innocent look, she has been involved in several controversies.

One of such controversies is her feud with PewDiePie on copyright issues. She even went as far as publicly making a joke of marrying and divorcing a Canadian man to get her papers. Natalia considered herself an animal lover but got widespread criticism on how she treats pets. Alinity was once caught kicking her dog on camera while giving her cat a vodka kiss.

Despite all of these controversies, she is a top streamer with over 1.3 million followers. When not stirring the “trouble water” Natalia indulge in casual games as she thrills her fans. You can surely hook up to her channel and witness the unexpected with the amicable Alinity.

13. Brandi

Username: DizzyKitten

Estimated Followers: 644k

Age: 28

Nationality: American

Brandi is not a newcomer to streaming on Twitch; since her introduction to the platform, she has developed herself in building a successful career. Some of the accolades go to her brother, who introduced her to streaming. Despite starting streaming using World of Warcraft, she has managed to diversify her skill to other areas. Recently, she began performing her own ASMR sessions.

She has that radiant vibe whenever she is online with excellent skill at games, which makes her watchable. Interestingly, she is a kindhearted person with a simple personality that you hardly find among female streamers. Brandi engages with her followers frequently, despite having issues in the past.

If you don’t want to be in her bad books, it is important never to send any sexy lingerie or describe what you love to do with her. She never appreciates such conduct and kicks off such fans from her streaming. Overall, if you want a simple and clean female streamer, then you might want to stay glued to Brandi.

14. Water Lyne

Estimated Followers: 66k

Age: 2

Nationality: American

Water Lyne is of Chinese descent but was born in the United States. She is a social media and Instagram model with a petite Asian body and 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her stature makes her look like a doll you can pick. After her China trip, she was recently offered a VIP pick-up from a rich local while in the middle of her stream with her boyfriend.

Interestingly, her boyfriend is the famous YouTube JakeNBake; they both regularly collaborate to create videos that catch the attention of their fans. Besides streaming games, they share their everyday life whenever opportune with their audience. She loves wearing skimpy outfits and posts her modeling pictures on Instagram for her fans to appreciate.

Although you might not hear a lot of controversies about her, she has had her share of such bizarre moments in the industry. Currently, she has over 65 thousand followers, with some audience coming from her boyfriend’s YouTube channel.

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15. Ann B Mateo

Estimated Followers: 5.5M

Age: 27

Nationality: Filipino

You might not have heard about Ann B Mateo, but she is undoubtedly among the top hottest female streamers. Also, she is a sexy Asian streamer from the Philippines that has been successful on the global stage. She seems to have everything working for her – her endowed body and cute face make her famous on Facebook Live.

There is never a dull moment with Ann as she focuses her streams on brightening up her audience day. Additionally, she is always ready to provide relevant answers to questions from her audience. Adding her sleek gaming skills to these qualities, you would understand why she has over 5.5 million followers to her credit.

Ann loves streaming Survival and FPS’s games; therefore, stay tuned as you catch some fun with her using various weapons. She has leveraged her popularity on major social media platforms. Overall, Ann is a media personality with an international audience; she takes part in music shows, TV shows, and much more events besides her online streaming. A single look through her Instagram Channel will convince you to become her latest subscriber.

16. Aiste

Username: ItsSky

Estimated Followers: 242k

Age: 26

Nationality: Lithuanian

If you can’t remember “Aiste” then “ItsSky” should be familiar. Aiste is a gorgeous and simple streamer from Lithuania. She started playing video games at a tender age but took it to the next level after graduating in 2017. Ever since she has become a passionate gamer making Fortnite content. One unique characteristic that differentiates her from other streamers is her ability to speak five languages while streaming fluently in English.

After a year of streaming on Twitch, she got a massive shout-out from PewDiePie, which contributed to her widespread popularity. Unlike other female streamers who hardly resist the urge to showcase their boobs to draw an audience, PewDiePie was impressed that Aiste was the opposite.

This uniqueness resulted in an influx of new subscribers to her channel, who couldn’t resist her skill. Up to date, Aiste remains one of the few female streamers to have the least controversies in the streaming industry. How she had kept her cool in the industry is still a marvel for many streamers.

Aiste spends her leisure time communicating with fans and creating vlogs on her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel comprises crafts, arts, and filming question challenges. If you want a positive vibe personality from a streamer, Aiste is the perfect match for that description.

17. Chloe Lockley – Middleton

Username: Chloelock

Estimated Followers: 197k

Age: 24

Nationality: British

Chloe isn’t just a streamer but a self-acclaimed tomboy that frequently streams FPS titles and real-life videos. She is a lady of different shades of color. Besides having a successful modeling career, Chloe is also a psychology student that is excelling academically.

Although she might not have the physical structure of a professional model, she does know how to carry herself. Her elegant statue helped her as she became a finalist in Britain’s next top model show, where she competed with the most beautiful ladies in the United Kingdom.

Chloe’s high level of communication helps her create a positive atmosphere with her audience as she swings into playful mode. Choelock regularly invites her fans to catch a glimpse of her daily life through her vlog, where she sticks to her shopping trips, holidays, and special events.

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18. Caitlin Harley

Username: ZaykaPrincess

Estimated Followers: 27k

Age: 21

Nationality: Irish

Caitlin has the appearance of a princess of Irish descent. She is like the new kid in town but with a lot of modeling material to showcase to her fans. ZaykaPrincess or whatever you choose to call her has been compared to Belle Kirschner by several news sources for her fancy-dress costumes, bright pink colored hair, and lovely looks.

Her personality and soft-spoken voice will naturally sweep anyone off the floor. These have contributed to her attracting several thousands of followers within few months of joining. She is one upcoming streamer with lots of potentials, and it’s best to hit her up before she becomes too famous for you.

From her Instagram pictures, you can see that she isn’t just about freckles and an innocent look. Her enticing lips and looks can melt a man’s heart. She isn’t just a pushover as she takes advantage of her sexuality when streaming. Despite being just a chatting girl, she often interacts with her audience.

19. Rachell Hofstetter

Username: Valkyrae

Estimated Followers: 3.4 M (YouTube followers)

Age: 29

Nationality: American

Rachell, widely known as Valkyrae is a popular American streamer who is the most-watched female streamer online. She began her journey following her graduation from a community college and while looking for a job position at GameStop. While working, she frequently shares her favorite releases on Instagram to gain several fans. Although she streamed different titles after joining Twitch, however, her breakthrough came during the introduction of Battle Royales, which skyrocketed her viewership.

She never went unnoticed as she gained recognition in a few notable Fortnite tournaments before singing to 100 Thieves in 2018. Additionally, she co-owned a $190M eSports company. In early 2020, she signed an exclusive agreement with YouTube, which has helped in increasing her popularity. Indeed, Rachell is one of the best and hottest female streamers with a beacon of positive vibes in each stream.

20. Lisa Vannatta

Username: STPeach

Estimated Followers: 1M

Age: 27

Nationality: Canadian

If beauty was part of the grading criteria for the hottest female streamers, Lisa would easily top that list. She is an attractive gamer with blue eyes, blonde hair, and a thick curvy figure that blows her fans away. She began gaming during a summer holiday where she played her favorite games – Kirby and Yoshi’s Island on the Gameboy Advance.

Ever since then, she hasn’t looked back as she has grown in her gaming skill. Peach considers herself to be a massive dork and plays a variety of titles. She loves singing, chatting, and acting naughty with her global audience. Peach focuses on a League of Legends in her gaming period.

Controversies and female streamers seem to go hand-in-hand. She has got her share of negative attention despite being extremely sharp. Well, she received backlash for marrying her long-term Korean boyfriend, which many thought was a “nobody”. It was an event during which social media users were trolling her social media channels.

While news such as these can be a turn-off for some followers, her loyal followers appreciate her personal insight and gaming skill. Whether you like it or not, Peach is still one of the hottest streamers with perfect perky boobs and a superhuman ass that she uses to her advantage.

21. Kaitlyn Siragusa

Username: Amouranth

Estimated Followers: 2.6M

Age: 26

Nationality: American

If there is any name that rings a bell when you think of the hottest female streamers in the world, Amouranth is that name. With estimated followership of over 2.6 million fans, you can agree that she is indeed the boss of all bosses. However, she didn’t climb the ladder without going extreme. Due to her sexy adult content, she is considered a Thot.

Commanding a vast fan base, you’ve got to go beyond the boundaries on different platforms. She is widely known for selling nudes, wearing the bare minimum, and leading viewers glued to her every move. Amouranth isn’t your regular video gamer but leverages her streaming time to do gym workouts and dancing. She uses these activities to show her fans the other side of her uniqueness.

While showcasing her other side, she has received a three-day ban for breaking the rule for rolling around with her dog on the floor. If you want a streamer with a fiery attitude, a fantastic body, and a porn-like star, you might want to stay glued to her streaming.

How do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

You might be thinking about how these Twitch female streamers make money. Well, let’s look at a few ways to make money using Twitch.

Twitch streamers offer subscription packages to their audience. These subscription fees allow fans to get exclusive access to certain features that are limited to a paid account. Interestingly, most of the top twitch streamers take subscription fees from their audience.

Merchandise Sales

Another avenue that Twitch users make money is through merchandise sales. Streamers can sell customized merchandise via their channels. Some of the popular merchandise sold include hats, phone cases, stickers, and coffee mugs. Companies also use these streamers to push their products to the streamer community.

Affiliate Sale

Twitch creators make money through affiliate programs. These streamers promote a third-party product on their profile page, and whenever someone purchases through the link, they get a commission. The more sales through the link on their profile, the more the commission they earn.


Fans also donate to their favorite streamers through Patron, PayPal, and other donation platforms. These donations are known as tips; donors can tip as little as a dollar to thousands of dollars. Most streamers display the “Donate to PayPal” icon on their channel to encourage fans to donate.


Streamers partner with brands and game producers to promote their latest games. Streamers can also work as brand ambassadors to push content to a broader audience. Some streamers with great popularity take the marketing to other platforms.

Advertising Revenue

Advertising revenue is another way streamers monetize their channel. Like YouTube video adverts, they allow interstitial and pre-roll ads whenever a viewer watches a prerecorded and live stream gaming.


Twitch streamers haven’t been created equal; we’ve seen those that are insanely hot with their fans go crazy over them. There are also those who are just one-time streamers and never got to the limelight.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be among the hottest female streamers, you’ve got to outclass these beautiful and educated ladies on our list. Interestingly, anyone can be a superstar in the streaming industry. Indeed, Twitch has made the streaming industry more competitive. Interestingly, it is only a matter of time before we see more female streamers overshadowing their male counterparts.

In this write-up, we have explored some of the hottest female streamers in 2021 that Twitch has to offer. Remarkably, despite the widespread controversies some of these ladies faced, they have managed to keep their heads high. If you feel we missed out on any female streamers in our top 21 hottest female streamers, we do like to hear from you.

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