Top 10 Hottest League of Legends Characters

League of Legends has earned its position as one of the most popular video games of all time. Let’s put aside the game’s brutal gameplay and addictive eSports atmosphere for a moment – where the game really shines is in the incredibly appealing looks of some of its hottest female champions.

Today, we’ll take a look and count down the sexiest League of Legends female characters. There are several hot lol champions to choose from, and many of them have more abilities than just team carry or pentakill ability.

Curious to see who the hottest League of Legends characters are? Is your favorite character on this list? Keep reading to find out…

Let’s skip the talk and get right to it. The top ten sexiest League of Legends female characters are as follows:

10. Morgana

If you can see beyond Morgana’s apparent fascination with vengeance and dark side characteristics, you are in for a treat. With a perfect long-range ping, a shield that grants magic protection, and a temporary travel speed increase, Morgana is without a doubt one of the strongest supporting sexy lol champions. Her Q has a long stun, similar to the impact her attractiveness has on most gamers.

Morgana is the sister of Kayle, an extremist dedicated to enforcing justice, who has also turned her sword toward Morgana and their shared father who has committed a crime. Morgana’s heart was broken, but she was able to postpone her battle with Kayle. While she had a tragic personality, she was easily one of the most popular league champions of all time.

9. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is the girl for you if you like powerful, independent women. She is a member of Piltover’s superhero team that battles violence, and she does so in style. While Caitlyn isn’t as overly sexualized as some of the other characters in the game, she does have some skins that will make you want to let your hair down. Don’t ignore this lovely girl.

Her stunning blue eyes and straight long hair are some of the best features of this hottest lol character. She is said to be a brilliant woman who uses her wits to track down a variety of criminals in Piltover.

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8. Akali

Akali should be right up your alley with hot lol champions if you want long black hair and tattoos. Akali, one of the most famous League of Legends characters, was raised in a family of “Kinkou,” keepers of Ionia’s holy balance who pursue harmony between the divine and material worlds.

This hot League of Legends character contender is capable of wielding those blades lethally. Akali is difficult to play, but once fed, she has a lot of pentakill ability and should not be overlooked.

7. Riven

Riot’s ultimate love bug is Riven. She’s been incredibly powerful in the game for a long time and has yet to get any nerfs. Due to her strong and fun pack, massive damage, as well as her sweet versatility, she is one of the most famous champions. However, Riven isn’t just brawn and steel. Since she is one of the most attractive female champions in the series, she has been granted her own fighting bunny skin.

6. Nidalee (Snow Bunny Skin)

Nidalee, in addition to being one of the most popular League of Legends characters, embodies a number of positive characteristics, including a love of democracy, nature, and animals. She is both adorable and threatening, which is a fantastic mix.

Nidalee’s backstory is similar to Mowgli’s in that she was adopted by a lion mother as one of her cubs. In reality, in her human form, she has the power to turn into a lion and possesses a spear expertly.

Her house is in Shurima’s wild east forests, and she is a woodland creature, just like actual lion cubs. Her raw beauty and enigmatic nature are what make her one of the hottest lol characters. The catlike versatility and genuine pure feelings contribute to the charisma. In terms of gaming, her Q will deal plenty of damage and wreck squishy targets, so talent shots should be your strong suit with this cougar.

5. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a stunning pirate who has undeniably ignited a plethora of dreams in the hearts of all gamers. Her feminine charisma is too powerful for any of the offenders she pursues, and it’s likely too powerful for most of the players as well. The different skins further add to Sarah Fortune’s hypersexualized portrayal. Her backstory is tragic, and her mission on the battlefields of Justice is a quest for revenge. Don’t judge a book by its cover, or rather, by the absence thereof.

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4. Irelia

Since 2010, Irelia has been a popular top champion in League of Legends, relying on swords and a tanky design. She’s indeed one of the sexiest League of Legends champions on the list. Irelia was concentrating on learning the art of dance until her parents were violently killed, but after an onslaught by malicious soldiers, she found a symbol representing the Xan family icon and acquired the ancient forces of her bloodline by opening it, making her a formidable foe indeed.

3. Ashe

In both core and pixels, Ashe is a stunning champion. Among the champions on this list of League of Legends female characters, she has one of the most upright profiles. She wishes for the Freljord to live in prosperity and harmony. She is one of the few female champions who isn’t physically abused on screen, and her character has an elegance to it as a result. But don’t get too excited; she’s already been taken by Tryndamere.

2. Kai’Sa

At this point, we have arrived at the pinnacle of perfection. Kai’Sa is at the top of every genuine list of the hottest lol characters. With Sonya’s hourglass body, stunning blue eyes, and amazing features, Kai’Sa has got to be one of the hottest lol characters ever made!

In terms of gameplay, she is extremely difficult to master, but she is without a doubt the sexiest lol champion in the game. Kai’sa is a natural at channeling the edgy, beautiful girl aura.

1. Ahri

Ahri’s erotic charm of the evil fox who seduces men in order to feed on their life energies is one that no man can ignore. The Ahri craze exploded after the unveiling of her popstar skin a while back. Almost every League of Legends girl character poll on the forums had Ahri at the top. Her entire champion, including her skills, is made for sex appeal. Those who are affected by her allure are compelled to approach her in a lustful powerless stupor. Her looks don’t disappoint!


That brings us to the end of our list of the most attractive and stunning League of Legends female characters. We didn’t just make this list of the hottest LoL champions of 2021 dependent on our personal preferences; we conducted research, collected data, and found which female champions people love the most. Enjoy your gameplay with these spicy senoritas!

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