Gaming has been a HUGE part of my life as a kid growing up. I grew up as a kid that was dearly in love with the digital marketing world. Throughout the years, I have managed social media accounts and learned about the digital marketing industry.

I’m also a proud owner of:

I’m not a digital marketing expert, but I feel like I have a great amount of knowledge. With gaming and digital marketing being a part of my life, I feel it’s best for me to combine the two things I’m most in love with. By doing this, I can:

  • Provide gaming knowledge for gamers around the world.
  • Apply my marketing skills to help (fun, of course) unpopular games that should be getting the attention they deserve.
  • Help gamers with pros and tips for certain games that I play.
  • Review games and being honest for the betterment of my readers.

“Gaming has taught me many skills in today’s world. Especially in digital marketing. I have learned the business from games with an economy, leadership from running groups, and stocks from trading the markets.”

From here on out, I will try my best in providing as much valuable content as possible for my reader. If you’re reading this, I am grateful for all of your support. Game on! – Andy