How to Farm Gara Prime Parts in Warframe?

Gara is a unique character with a glossy glass Warframe that can render and sunder her foes helplessly. She has sparkly adamantine shards. While the regular Gara has different features, the Gara Prime character has unique features. Although it is not easy to get the Gara Prime, there are cheaper means to include her in your Warframe collection.

Considering the uniqueness of her character, it’s hard to resist her. Interestingly, she can imitate enemy attacks using her hypnotized mirrors while reshaping the scenery using molten glass. Indeed, she is worth everything, and you can partake in special missions, which will allow you to acquire parts and relics to build her.

Therefore, if you want to get this unique glassy femme fatale, you will learn how to quickly acquire the Warframe Gara Prime relics along with other components. If you are ready, let’s get things started.

Where and How to Farm Gara Prime

Like other frames in Warframe, you have to acquire the Gara Prime blueprint, including her Neuroptics, chassis, and systems. In this section, let’s explore some of Gara Prime’s relics.

To acquire the Gara Prime Blueprint, which is rare, you need Xini on Eris. It is an interception mission. During the mission, C and B rotations handle out an Axi Relic. Besides this, you have the option of going to Apollo on Lua. If you defend the four nodes, you will receive an Axi G6 drop, which is rare.

To get the Neuroptics blueprint (Meso P5), which is uncommon, you need to get to the Olympus and Jupiter Disruption on Mars. In the Jupiter defense mission, the chances of getting the blueprint are higher, whereas when you defend the node in the Olympus mission, you are assured of getting a Meso relic.

You need the exact Gara prime blueprint to acquire the systems blueprint, which is common during the game. The A rotation ensures you get a Neo relic drop in the game. Besides this, you can also decide to go to Ur on Uranus if you want to start the disruption mission.

Alternatively, you have two options in the chassis blueprint, which is rare. The options include Olympus on Mars and Hepit in Void. In the Olympus option, you will get Lith Relic once you complete the capture mission. However, in Hepit in the Void, you are faced with a difficult disruption mission, but it comes with a probability of getting what you want.

Requirements for Creating Gara Prime

After you frame all the blueprints and relics you require, the next step you have to do is to ensure you have adequate materials to create them. To do that, here are a few things you need to have to create Gara Prime.

To craft neuroptics, which takes 12 hours, you would need 2 argon crystals, 6750 ferrite, 10 neurodes, 15000 credits, and 1500 Rubedo. The system relics take 12 hours, like the neuroptics. It requires 1350 circuits, 2 nitain extract, 2 tellurium, 4375 salvage, and 15000 credits. In addition, a chassis takes 12 hours, which requires 250 oxium, 8750 Nano spores, 7 gallium, 2150 polymer bundle, and 15000 credits.

After acquiring all of these components, you would also need additional 25000 credits, a 72-hours wait, and five Orokin cells to create Gara Prime. Once you complete this, you can create the Gara Prime.


The most important thing about farming Gara Prime is to know the particular relics you want. You will need to have several relics, including systems, neuroptics, blueprint, and chassis. Remember, the rare these items, the smaller the chance you have to get such items. Therefore, it might take a more extended period to farm these items unless something unexpected happens.

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