You can now use Emojis in League of Legends – Here’s How

Emojis have been a part of our online chatting since the beginning of the internet. A few years back, Riot Games introduced the emote system in League of Legends. And as a result, many players started wondering whether the emojis will ever be included in LoL.

Well, not too long ago, Riot took another similar step. On patch 9.23 that was initially released back on November 21, 2019, emojis were enabled for use on the League’s client. This wasn’t the biggest news at the time since the patch also focused on some of the client’s core issues. But, with the changes at hand, players could now send and receive emojis in the chat windows.

But, to escape unwanted usage or over usage of emojis in League of Legends, Riot Games installed a few rules as well.

How to Use Emojis in League of Legends?

First of all, there is no special tab that you open and select an emoji from in the client’s chat system, like you would on a social media app. In truth, you can’t send an emoji in LoL like you would a standard message. Instead, the only way to use an emoji in League of Legends is to copy one from the internet and send it in the client’s chat.

Now, the person you’re communicating with can view the emoji and respond back in the same way. However, if that is currently in a game, they won’t be able to see the emoji until they get out of the game. With this rule, we’re prevented from overusing emojis or affecting the game from the outside.

That said, you also can’t use emojis when you’re inside the game. The simple copy-paste move doesn’t work here, and you won’t be able to send back emojis. The feature is only allowed “light purposes” in the client’s chat and nothing more.


Of course, the fact that Riot Games has allowed the usage of emojis in League of Legends shouldn’t be the biggest news. However, we still think that it’s definitely a step in the right direction, especially with the rules at hand. If they improve how we relate ideas to our friends, then they should definitely be included. Emojis are an inseparable part of the online communication, so why not use them in the League’s client as well?

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