Can you Cleanse Lissandra’s Ult? (Explained)

On the face of it, League of Legends may seem like a simple enough game. 5 lanes, and all you have to do is destroy the enemy nexus. Each game is an average of about 30-35 minutes. You play with a team of 5 against the enemy team’s 5 champions. Easy enough, correct? 

What makes League of Legends different from so many other games is that it might be easy to learn, but it can be notoriously difficult and time-consuming to master. Once you climb the initial learning curve in League and begin to master the game dynamics, then you realize how in-depth the gameplay really is. Just one example of this depth is how to ‘cleanse’ Lissandara’s Ultimate.

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What is Cleanse?

Cleanse is a summoner spell that is ‘non-targeted. It’s actually cast on the player itself. Its function is to remove active crowd control effects. This allows your champion to either continue pursuing and chasing enemies if they are on the run.

It can also help you escape from enemies if you happen to be on the run. It will remove many effects, including ignite, exhaust, blinds, charm, fear, slowed movement, silences, snares, and even stuns and taunts. With the ability to remove so many different kinds of effects, cleanse can really be a powerful summoner spell if used at the right time.

What Else Can’t Cleanse Do?

With all that has been said about the usefulness of Cleanse, you still need to be careful in some situations where cleanse might not be of help to you. For example, this summoner spell cannot remove non-CC effects. These non-crowd control effects can include damage over time, grievous wounds, attack speed reduction.

The exception to “damage over time” that Cleanse will get rid of is Ignite. It’s also helpful to know that Cleanse won’t be effective in case of knock-ups or grabs, as well as Suppression or knock-backs. 

What this means is that you need to be aware of what Cleanse can and cannot do before opting to use it. Many players prefer to take Cleanse over Flash or Ignite because cleanse, when used in the right place at the right time, can really turn the tide of battle.

Can Cleanse work on Lissandara’s Ult?

Lissandara is a versatile champion in League of Legends. While most often, players choose Lissandara as the mid-laner mage/assassin, some players have played with Lissandara in the role of support as well. Her ultimate is a multi-functional ability that can be cast on enemies as well as on Lissandara herself. The Ultimate is explained a bit more as follows:

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R – Frozen Tomb

Lissandra freezes the target enemy champion, stunning them. If she self casts this ability, she turns immune to all damage and heals herself, but also does any actions until the ability is done. Black ice spreads from the target, dealing magic damage and slowing all enemies nearby.

As mentioned before, Cleanse can help you get rid of a lot of crowd control effects. Can Cleanse be used to escape from Lissandara’s ultimate as well? It turns out you can do it. When Lissandara casts her ultimate on enemies, the enemy champion can pop Cleanse, and the effects of Frozen Tomb will be removed automatically. You can use this trick to really surprise Lissandara in the enemy team. 

What Else Can Cleanse Do?

What Cleanse does is that it removes active debuffs due to Crowd-control effects. As long as there are enemy abilities that are cc-effects, Cleanse is what you can rely on to get rid of these effects. Cleanse won’t be able to help when you get suppressed, however. Some players make the mistake of relying on Cleanse while playing against a Malzahar or a Warwick.

Both these champions’ ultimate do damage after suppressing you. That means Cleanse won’t help you escape from their Ultimates. It will also remove attack speed slows such as Glacial Storm, Crippling storm, Ice Blast, Absolute Zero, and Wither. Ammumu’s Ultimate has a lot of Crowd-control effects, and that is where Cleanse can be useful.

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Like the rest of League of Legends, Cleanse is a very versatile summoner spell. It can remove cc effects, but there’s more to it than that. Depending upon the situation and the timing, it can be a game-changer spell if cast correctly. There are champions whose Ultimates can be countered by Cleanse as well.

Lissandara’s Frozen Tomb’s effect can be nullified by Cleanse. However, Warwick and Mazahar are champions whose Ultimates cannot be “Cleansed”. So the trick is to know when to use this spell.

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