How to Help the Blind Elderly Farmer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

If you are looking for one of the most tragic stories in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, then the story of the blind elderly farmer is the answer. Don’t think it is just about sadness, as you might find hilarious moments in the game, especially if you pay attention when the blind farmer is sharing the story.

You already know that Ubisoft developed the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla video game. You can meet the blind elderly farmer within the Oxenefordscire region. To get everything needed at Oxenefordscire, you must complete the Oxenefordscire world event. If you find yourself confused about helping the elderly lady, you’ve got your answer in this guide.

This is a complete guide that will look at the blind elderly farmer, including Rose, his lost daughter. If you have come across our other guides on side quests, we can assure you that it is a straightforward guide as it is shorter without any special requirement required from you. We know you are ready for this guide. Firstly, let’s look at how you can meet the blind elderly farmer and Rose.

Where to Locate the Blind Elderly Farmer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Since the quest is about the Blind Elderly farmer, you need to find the farmer before rendering any help. You need to look at the map under you to find the position of the old farmer. From the map, you can see him standing on a table in front of his home. The house is south of the Eatun Barn; it is hard to miss the spot since you can hear him summoning his precious daughter Rose.

Once you reach his house, you can communicate with him. Since he is blind, he will call his daughter. Eivor will play along with you since he has a compassionate heart. In addition, he will indulge the elderly blind gardener, who has a plea. The blind farmer will request you assist him in carrying some crates.

Once you finished talking with him, ensure to read the reminder note on the desk. After that, while standing in the position where you read the note, you will see three notes on the right side. You need to carry one of the crates to the canopy area where the blind old farmer is working. Keep the crate on the cloth highlighted in the game. Continue the process for the second and third crates. Once you carry the three crates, you can move to the next phase.

Listening to the Blind Old Farmer’s Story

After completing the crate task, you need to relax for a break. During the break, the blind elderly farmer will tell you a story. Therefore, follow the farmer to a nearby bench and pay attention to everything he says.

It’s a funny character, but he will inform you of the story of Rose’s mom and the circumstances that made them get married. In addition, he will tell you more about his daughter Rose. However, while telling you this story, he will fall asleep. You won’t allow him to sleep as you must wake the old man up to continue the story.

To avoid a long story, you were renamed after a cow. Does that sound odd? Yeah, Rose, which was a cow’s name. The cow was brown in color. Due to your patience in listening to the story, the blind elderly man will offer you your mom’s ring. In this situation, you are confronted with two choices.

Well, both options will terminate the task. However, you have to consider carefully before choosing an option. Remember, you are not the real Rose nor the cow. Therefore, if you take the ring, it means you fool the man. Secondly, if you go to the blind old man’s home, you will see an old letter from Rose, his daughter. The letter clearly states Rose’s plan of coming back home. Nevertheless, she hasn’t returned after making that promise.

It can be assumed that Rose is dead, whereas the cow might still be living. Therefore, if you collect the ring from him, you are ironically stealing from him and breaking any relationship he had with Rose’s mom. You can trade the ring.

Nevertheless, the Opal inside the home is more valuable as an adventure reward. With this, you can decide the best option. With this, you have helped the blind old farmer and act the role of Roset. 

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