The Best Way to Increase Mastery Points in League of Legends

Have you ever been annoyed by players flashing a gold emote with wings whenever you get killed? Have you ever wanted to show off your own? Those emotes are called Champion Mastery Badges which is a reward that can be acquired by accumulating enough Champion Points (CP) – some people call it Mastery Points as it is easier to understand and more straightforward.

If it is called Champion Mastery Badge then do I have to master champions? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Champions Points does not necessarily mean that a player has mastered the use of all champions, or any champion at all. Instead, it shows that the player spent a long time to get enough points to be awarded a badge on that champion. So the question then, do I have to spend a long time to get enough Champion Points?

Here, we discuss efficient ways of getting Champion Points (CP). Here, you may find clearcut ways of increasing CP gain, but you will also find here that subjective factors may affect CP gain.

What are Champion Points?

Basically, champion Points is Riot’s attempt to put a numerical value equivalent of player experience on a specific champion – it is a supposed mirror of a player’s champion proficiency.

One champion a player plays has an exclusive amount of CP gained. Thus, the CP and Mastery Level on one champion can only be gained by playing that one specific champion and using another champion would not increase CP and Mastery Level of another champion.

Champion Point Gain Factors

What then are the factors that affect CP gain? According to the official description and information provided by the League of Legends support team, CP gain is affected by the number of players in a premade party, overall performance in the game, and whether or not you completed the game. Player level or rank does not affect CP.

Premade Party or Solo Play?

A premade party is what Riot calls a group of two (2) to five (5) of players queuing up together. Yet how can this factor in CP gain? In the most technical sense, Riot has provided a difference in gain among parties of different sizes.

This means that if all players performed at an equal level, a solo player would have less CP gained from the match compared to a duo, and this difference increases as the number of players in the party increases – each party member gives 2% more CP gain for everyone in the party.

Boring explanation? We can sum it up with this; the larger a premade party is, the more CP you will gain compared to playing solo.

Overall performance of a player could improve when playing with a 5-man premade party. Some reasons are that team communication could be easier, and all players will have a greater chance of being on the same wavelength in-game.

Playing with a premade means that you are playing with other people who you like to play with, and vice-versa. The party can compose a team that complements each other’s skills and abilities, conduct teamfights cleanly, coordinate rotations properly, or look picks smoothly.

Then objectively it is most efficient to play in a 5-man party and win, right? Not really. While playing with a larger group could improve your overall performance, it may be harder to gather fellow players depending on the number of friends you have, or their availability.

What is Overall Performance?

If you have not yet noticed, a letter grade is always shown in the postgame lobby. This letter grade may annoy you as it may remind you of your school’s grading system, unfortunately for you the game also does the same but for your overall performance in the match instead.

The League of Legends support team provides the formula behind the grading system, but we will not do that here as that is very boring. Simply put, your performance is compared to the performance of players using that champion in your role.

Though it must be noted that factors for evaluating your performance go way beyond your K/DA ratio. Having a good creep score (cs), vision score, objective control, utility score, and other factors also matter. So keep that in mind.

Moreover, the grade given in the postgame lobby is calculated specific to the champion and role it is being played on. This means that your performance for playing Lux in mid lane is being compared to other players who played Lux in mid lane – not of Lux support in bot lane.

But this should not be a big deal, this only affects the overall performance grade. Overall performance grade affects the CP rewarded, but you will gain CP regardless. If Mastery Level on one champion is your goal, then just keep on playing that champion regardless of the role since the CP reward will still be added on that champion.

To ensure a good overall performance, one may think to abuse going against bots or redoing the tutorial over and over again. Afterall, doing this will allow an easy game completion. Unfortunately for you, that is not the case.While redoing the tutorial or going against bots could be used to farm account experience for fast leveling, only completed matchmade games are eligible for CP rewards. This means that Normal, Ranked, ARAM, and featured game modes are eligible for CP rewards.

Does that mean playing any of these game modes does not matter at all? No, it actually could. An average Ranked game mode usually lasts longest ranging from 30 to 40 minutes, while ARAM matches usually last from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, then featured game modes would always vary in length as one featured game mode is different from all the other featured game modes in rotation. In factoring match duration, the most efficient would be playing ARAM matches. It would mean ARAM matches are best as they are the quickest.

But that is assuming we are only taking the time spent and not the CP of a single champion, or the skill of the player on all champions. If the skill of the player does not match well with the champion randomly selected in ARAM or ARURF, the overall performance of the player could be negatively affected. If we are focusing on the CP of a single champion, ARAM, and most featured game modes are not the way to go about CP farming because of champion randomization.


Playing with 5-players, ending ARAM matches in the average duration it takes to end one, and playing your champion in your most comfortable role is definitely one of the best ways to maximize CP gain. 

However, considering factors of focusing on one champion would make a player queue up in Normal, Ranked, or Featured game modes since it does not have champion randomization. Moreso, getting 5-players to play with you may be harder to create but suiting oneself to having even just one or two more party members will help.

Therefore, realizing your resources and what you are capable of is key in being efficient. Get friends to play with, you do not have to force playing with 5 people. It is still worth it to get that 4% or 6% bonus CP than waiting hours waiting for that fifth man in your group. Try to maximize on the strengths your champion has and play what your role asks you to play as. Trying to go for more may just ruin you and your team’s overall performance.

There is no best way of increasing your Champion Points, it all comes down to effective time management, knowing your own skills, and knowing what is available to you. So enjoy the game, and spend your time well!

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