5 Best Whips in Warframe in 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

Whips are enjoyable to wield and have a good range. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno. This ancient warrior tribe has awoken from decades of suspended animation far further into the future to find itself in conflict with various sects on one planet. The Tenno use their powerful warframes and a variety of weapons, as well as skill levels and missions. Whips are among the most distinctive weapons in today’s games, and although they didn’t always exist in video games, it’s a good thing that they did.

They don’t just provide us with amazing lashing effects and sounds, but they also let us utilize weapons with a wide range and area.

It doesn’t matter what weapon players use most of the time, as weapons are mainly influenced by the modifications made on them. Picture a whip with tremendous damage or a broad range of attacks that have been appropriately modified.

Just a few whips are available in Warframe, but only a couple of them can be easily modified, while the rest require good planning.

However, if you pick the finest whip for yourself, it will undoubtedly serve its function and provide a whole new sensation.

And here’s a compilation of the finest Warframe whips;

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1. Atterax 

With the proper modifications, this whip becomes one of Warframe’s most potent and valuable weapons. The Atterax is primarily a slasher, with 40.5 slash power and modest levels of 2.25 for image damage and puncture.

Because of its high critical probability and long-range and multiplier, the Atterax seems to have been a favorite weapon for many gamers for an extended period.

Because of its low elemental damage and slower attack velocity than other weapons, many people thought of the Atterax as a weapon that couldn’t do a great deal of damage.

It only needed one build to get the Atterax to its full potential, making it a highly savage weapon for delivering critical damage and the incidence of hitpoints.

Because of its strong base critical multiplier, the Atterax can deliver critical hits regularly and deal a high level of damage.

With the correct modifications, this whip becomes one of Warframe’s most potent and useful weapons.

2. Scoliac

The Scoliac is another excellent whip; it has good base damage and is often preferred over the Atterax owing to its attack speed and base damage.

Although the Scoliac has more significant primary damage, it lacks critical chance and critical multiplier, making it more reliant on modifications to do sufficient damage.

The Scoliac can do a significant level of destruction when suitably modified, and its smash strike deals toxin damage, which is a unique feature.

The Scoliac essentially gives up a multiplier and critical chance in exchange for a quicker attack speed and increased base damage. The greatest thing about it is that with a maximum Fury mod, it copes out the Dual Zorens.

It deals 38.5 slash damage, as well as 8.25 image damage and puncture.

3. Secura Lecta

Thanks to its distinctive passive, the Secura Lecta became once renowned for its capacity to assist with credit farming throughout missions.

Its practical use back then was to harvest credits, as its passive granted an estimate of 11x or even more extra credits; however, it was nerfed and linked to mastery level.

It increases with mastery level, providing 2x the number of credits at level 8 & 4x at rank 16, the bonus credit maximum.

Most people didn’t realize the Secura Lecta because it has a high-status probability and electricity as its primary damage type.

This enables players to customize their builds for the weapon by utilizing status, and elemental damage builds, which may be beneficial if done correctly.

When not modified, the Secura Lecta’s only damage type is electricity and however, once completely modded with additional elements, it becomes considerably more deadly.

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4. Galvacord

When Fortuna arrived, the Galvacord seemed to be nothing more than a meaningless whip initially. Still, with closer inspection, you will be able to appreciate its potential, given many of its fewer stats.

Like the Secura Lecta, this whip delivers solely elemental damage. It also causes physical harm, allowing it to scale from both kinds of damage and be customized for various builds.

Yes, the attack power is insufficient, but when you consider the status probability, you can see the potential with a build that focuses only on status impacts or a form that focuses on just a few status impacts accompanied by a build identical to the body Atterax’s.

In brief, you may build this weapon in various ways, and the only thing stopping the user from doing so is their creativity.

The Galvacord primarily delivers electrical damage, six impact damage, 14 puncture, and 22 slash thrown in for good measure.

5. Lecta

Like its cousin, the Secura Lecta, this whip is a weaker edition that lacks the passive potential to challenge enemies for credits.

While it might not be one of the finest weapons for late-game play due to the availability of a superior and more powerful version, it nevertheless performs well in the early stages.

Due to its large quantity of status probability and relatively dependent on electricity damage, those who want to focus on a strategy that utilizes status impacts for damage may use this whip slightly earlier on in Warframe.

The Lecta merely delivers 45 points of electrical damage and does not cause any physical damage.

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Final Thoughts

There are just a handful of whips in the game, so figuring out which one best fits your playstyle isn’t tricky.

All you have to do now is decide which build you want to go for and how you want to modify the weapon to fit it.

The Atterax seems to be the best whip when it comes to critical damage, whereas the Secura Lecta & Galvacord tie for Status.

It’s all up to the gamers to decide which whips they want to use and, most crucially, how they want to modify them.

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