Best Melee, Primary, Secondary Weapon in Warframe

With over 50 million active accounts throughout all platforms, Warframe is among the most popular online games on the market. Since its initial release in 2013, the game has grown in popularity and amassed an amazing amount of content, maintaining the interest and activeness of the community.

Warframe simply immerses you in the action. The tutorial of the game throws you into a task with no swords, no weapons, and no clue what’s going on. Naturally, you quickly acquire some basic weapons and get started. But, just as soon, you’ll want even more. You’ll want to know what Warframe’s best primary, secondary, and melee weapons are.

As a new Warframe player, a large number of weapons are recommended to you. For people who are new to the game, this is extremely perplexing. When it comes to weapons, I recommend avoiding the higher tiers because they require a higher Mastery Rank.

But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This is our beginner’s guide to the best weapons in Warframe, including primary, secondary, and melee weapons. Of course, the game is constantly changing. And one of Warframe’s favorite things to do is introduce additional tools of murder and destruction. As a result, we plan to update this page as necessary. This way, you’ll always know which weapon is the best to take first. So let’s get started!

Important Note: There are two kinds of weapons: meta and fun. At the conclusion of this guide, I’ve included a section that covers some fun damage-dealing weapons that are also entertaining to use. You need to keep in mind that Warframe is just a video game, and it’s important to enjoy yourself while playing it. If you prefer meta weapons, go for them.

How Do I Know What’s The Best Weapon for Me?

I’ve already mentioned a few excellent weapons with which you may begin. However, the best way to figure out is to try out a weapon, properly mod it, and see whether it fits your playstyle. Nevertheless, don’t use catalysts on all the weapons you start with.

Best Weapons For Beginners

In Warframe, the following are the best weapons for beginners for the Mastery Ranks 1-5:

  • Melee: Nikana Prime (MR 4) – This weapon has an abnormally high damage production. With the proper mod combo, you can easily melt opponents up to level 100. You may also utilize Atterax or Tipedo, both of which are capable of transporting you to higher-level material.
  • Primary: In our opinion, Ignis is among the best beginner weaponry since it doesn’t need any targeting and can quickly clear areas. Amprex must be your first option if you like Red Crit Damage. If none of them appeal to you, try an assault rifle such as the Boltor, Grakata, or Karak.
  • Secondary: Lex, Lato, and Atomos are all excellent secondary weapons for beginners. However, for the time being, you should avoid focusing too heavily on secondaries since there aren’t many excellent ones for beginners. When you achieve a higher MR, you may get more status pistols/powerful crit.
  • Shotgun: Hek and Kohm are two fantastic beginner warframe guns that may be used by anybody with a lower MR. The Warframe Market is where you can get both Hek and Kohm blueprints.

Best Primary Warframe Weapons

As a beginner in Warframe, your main sources of survival are primary weapons. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, including shotguns, snipers, and assault rifles, but they all have one feature. They’re what you’ll use to kill the majority of your enemies. 

Several weapons that are the best for primary usage and may be utilized by any side are listed below.

Best Primary / Shotguns

  • Soma Prime (MR6) – Easily acquired with the Twitch Prime loot bundle, this is the finest automatic weapon in Warframe.
  • Sybaris Prime – It is the best Status/Crit Primary currently available. If you’ve been playing Warframe for a while, you’re probably aware that Status/CC is more preferable.
  • Ignis Wraith (MR9) – This weapon is a flamethrower that instantly melts all opponents. When paired with heat plus a CC/CD assault, this weapon is capable of defeating even level +150 opponents with ease.
  • Tigris Prime (MR13) – This weapon is indeed an endgame Weapon that can only be acquired when MR13 has been achieved. The basic damage of Tigris Prime is the highest of any weaponry in Warframe.
  • Vaykor Hek (MR12 shotgun) – Vaykor Hek is a superior variant of the Hek that can be acquired from Steel Meridian. It has a faster fire rate, a higher probability of crit, and two times the mag capacity.
  • Arca Plasmor (MR12 Semi-Auto Shotgun) — This weapon is a Corpus shotgun firing devastating radiation pulses, ensuring impact procs. Enough to deal with opponents up to the 80th level. Arca Plasmor can be obtained at the dojo’s Energy lab.
  • Kohm/Kuva Kohm (MR5 Shotgun) – This weapon, Kohm, is a full-auto hold-trigger type shotgun that shoots an extra pellet with each subsequent shot. It’s one of our beloved shotguns, and with the proper riven mod, it may achieve 100 status. Even more potent is the Kuva version.
  • Trumna (MR13) — An Orokin weapon, Trumna was designed by the Entrati. This is an explosive bullet-firing fully automatic weapon. Kills generate charges, which feed an alternative firing mode that bounces explosive bombs.
  • Bubonico (MR13) – I’ve just recently started gaming with it, but it’s very fun to play with as it’s not a conventional shotgun. Instead, it’s an Infested Shotgun, firing Toxin Blasts in a barrage. It also comes with an alternative firing mode that fires three bursts of 3 viral explosive shots. Because of its high crit and status chance, Bubonico is a genuine endgame weapon.

Best Pistol / Secondary in Warframe

Many websites mention the secondary weapons without knowing anything about them. I’ve played this game for over 4000 hours and know exactly what I’m saying. This isn’t to say that they are the best choices for you; you can let us know about your favorites in the comments area below.

  • Kuva Nukor – The standard Nukor is among my favorite guns in Warframe since it’s so much fun to play with. The Kuva version is the stronger of the two.
  • Pyrana Prime — The Pyrana Prime is a high-powered slash pistol with a high damage output. Furthermore, if you manage to get three consecutive kills, another ethereal Pyrana emerges for a little period.
  • Pandero – A few of the game’s finest CC + CD pistols. Endgame worthy and capable of destroying any opponent in the star chart along with a few shots.
  • Acceltra – Gauss’s main weapon is the Acceltra. A reliable crit pistol capable of dispatching opponents in a flash.
  • Sicarus Prime — This handgun now outclasses most other pistols in Waframe, thanks to a recent buff. It’s a simple point & shoot pistol that’s not particularly enjoyable to use.
  • Aklex Prime – This double wield Aklex pistol, Aklex Prime, does a great deal of damage and is a lot more fun to play with. Baro Ki’Teer’s weekly relics can be used to acquire this item.

You can get riven modifications for both of them for a low price and reroll your way to victory. The above-mentioned weapons are crazy, and they can even outperform the majority of Primaries.

Weapons like Staticor, Nukor, Sonicor, Atomos, Spira Prime, and Pox need particular attention. These aren’t end-game weaponry, but they’re a lot of fun to wield. You’ll have a lot of fun if you purchase a riven on the Warframe Trading Channel.

Best Sniper in Warframe

  • Rubico Prime – A damage-dealing high-impact sniper that is particularly effective against opponents that have shields. In comparison to all other snipers, Rubico has one of the highest basic critical damage.
  • Vectis Prime — Excellent at eliminating high-level enemy armor. Vectis Prime probably is the most effective status sharpshooter in Warframe.
  • Lanka – Of all other snipers in Warframe, Lanka’s charged shot does the most basic damage. This sniper may be quite useful for eidolon hunting if it is properly modified.

Best Melee in Warframe

  • Nikana Prime – It is a melee weapon with high crit that may be used towards the end of the game.
  • Orthos Prime — This weapon, which was first introduced in Update 9.0, still shreds opponents and has a long range and tremendous damage. With this melee, you may glide your way to a win if you have maiming strike.
  • Lesion — I’ve been using Lesion, a polearm with high status, for quite a while. It has a strong range and can be used in the endgame. To make it, you’ll need to buy its blueprint from the in-game marketplace, as well as a completely constructed Tipedo.
  • Gram Prime – This heavy sword comes with Chroma Prime accessibility and has a 32% status chance as well as basic crit. This weapon, with the proper build, can take out every opponent in Warframe.
  • Galatine Prime – It is the game’s best hefty sword. It takes the proper build for making it great, but as you pile kills with a Berkserker+Blood Rush build, it becomes incredible.
  • War – It’s not simple to acquire, but after you do, there’s no turning back.

Best Bow Weapon in Warframe

  • Rakta Cernos (Red Veil Syndicate) – This weapon is the game’s quickest bow. It also comes with the energy-recovery syndicate proc. If you aren’t connected with the Red Veil, you may trade with the other tennos to acquire MR12.
  • Dread (Stalker Bow) – This bow weapon deals a lot of slash harm and has the greatest critical chance, matched with Lenz, our 3rd best bow. You can’t farm this item since it’s only released after a stalker dies.
  • Lenz – It has a 50% chance of crit and delivers blast damage with every shot. Lenz does the most damage of any bow in Warframeplay, but you may regularly blow yourself up.


So, out of all the weapons mentioned here, which is the strongest? Which weapon should I get?

This question has a few problems. It may be tough to utilize any excellent weapon if you are just starting out as most of them are linked to high mastery levels. Another thing to keep in mind is that the weapons mentioned here are the strongest in our opinion, but they may not work straight away for you. You can test out all of the weapons on the list to see whether you like them. If you’re a pure DPS player, simply use the best for each category and you’ll be fine.

What’s The Best Weapon In Each Category?

  • The best melee weapons are Nikana Prime/Orthos Prime/Gram Prime
  • The best secondary weapon is Kuva Nukor
  • The best primary weapon is Kuva Kohm

There are some weapons in Warframe that couldn’t support higher missions, but you may now use them due to riven modifications that increase damage by up to an extra 300%.

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