Top 5 Best Kubrow Breeds in Warframe (2022)

Kubrows would be the first one raising their hands for friendship in Warframe. For this friendship, you’ll be assigned a task to find the egg and extract information about hatching this egg right away.

For breeding, these critters come in various colors and sizes. These critters have become the signature and essence of their breed. The important thing is to figure out which Kubrow is best for you and what you’ll need.

Since most Kubrows have various talents and ultimates, depending upon our choices, we may see a diversity of opinion and selection of Kubrow breed. This makes this breed pretty unique and attractive. 

These Kubrows are perfectly categorized based on their talents. We categorize them based on how handy they are and how applicable they may become when used for various objectives you will experience in the game.

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1. The Huras

The Huras is unique among its species because it is a master of stealth, not just to assist itself but also to help its master.

This Kubrow has the ability to retain a bond with its lord and use its tactical ability to keep both; its lord and itself unknown by foes. It grants invisibility that becomes a key trait in the late game.

The Huras will shout whenever it gets closer to an opponent. Right after shouting, it would conceal its master and itself.

While using any weapon or making melee attacks will break this invisibility, although abilities cast by the owner do not.

Exclusive Skill & Mods 

  • Hunt: The Kubrow starts raiding towards the enemy and assaults it. It inflicts some damage on all the enemies tangled in its trap.
  • Stalk: When the lord and its Kubrow reside in the premises of the enemies, they become cloaked. It helps them to remain invisible and slip by the enemies without being noticed.

2. The Helminth

This bizarre diseased creature known as the Helminth Charger can be bred by merging a blood drop of an infected cyst that has been contaminating your Warframe with the help of a Kubrow egg. Basically, it’s a poisoned Kubrow with skills derived from different infested creatures you’ve seen during the game.

Exclusive Skills & Mods

  • Proboscis: The Charger throws out the proboscis. A proboscis catches and draws an enemy closer while damaging them.
  • Trample: It allows the HC (Helminth Charger) to raid the enemy, knocking them back and injuring any adversaries within its range. 
  • Strain Eruption: It helps larvae to explode. The Helminth Charger creates these larvae to explode on death. This explosion delivers some damage to opponents residing within a radius of 4% of the enemy’s current health.
  • Strain Fever: It increases the Helminth Charger’s damage by 30% for every cyst it has.

3. Sunika

Sunika concentrates on eliminating adversaries and VIPs. This Kubrow allows to take out specific enemies. It also performs finishers on VIP enemies. This Kubrow focuses on one-on-one combat and can deal a lot of damage to its target. 

Exclusive Skills & Mods

  • Savagery: This Kubrow generates a unique power to finish off enemies, leaving them open to attacks or killing them by themselves.
  • Unleashed: It enables the Kubrow to assault and knock out VIP enemies.

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4. Sahasa 

The Sahasa Kubrow has exclusive abilities of scavenging and survival Kubrow that provides potential equipment by looking for concealed supplies and killing adversaries in its immediate vicinity. It can discover looting areas in some specific locations throughout missions. Furthermore, it helps to dig the resources you need during the fight. It also helps in creating loot treasure for the lord to use.

Exclusive Skill & Mods

  • Dig: This ability enables the Kubrow to search the environment for hidden riches. It also helps them dig the earth to force the objects to pop out, letting the owner collect and use the loot.
  • Ferocity: In addition to dealing with standard Kubrow assaults, the Sahasa Kubrow can reside in the enemies’ premises. It can also hit adversaries with finishers, either eliminating them or damaging them to death.

5. Chesa

This Kubrow can seize the raid of an enemy and assault them back. It can look for more resources concealed in the containers. It can also loot the enemy bodies. Chesa Kubrow has the capacity of seizing an opponent, biting them, and disabling them to assault. It also prevents the enemies from attacking. It helps the Chesa Kubrow’s owner in combat. Whenever this Kubrow is nearby, it has a habit of scavenging the bodies periodically. It also loots the containers in a moderate radius, which might provide additional loot.

Exclusive Skills & Mods

  • Neutralize: It bites the enemy’s hand—the biting results in disarming them. The enemies drop their weapons because of this bite.
  • Retrieve: It allows the Kubrow to obtain extra loot from adjacent dead bodies or containers.


Kubrows make excellent allies, and they have unique powers and attributes that can be very helpful during the missions. When properly modded, a Kubrow achieves extra strength and extreme violence. When paired with the proper mods, it becomes more powerful to fight as an ally. 

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