Top 10 Best Shotguns in Warframe (2022)

After every big Warframe release, many new players want to take a look at what the ninja science and technology game is like. It has made many serious gamers captivated with its quick but smooth gameplay, rich customization, and overwhelming alien visual styling.

The game becomes more difficult if players don’t utilize superior weaponry or mods. A decent weapon is essential, whereas amazing mods are crucial. Nothing offers you a more significant edge than a shotgun in dealing with close-ranging damages utilizing primary weapons!

Shotguns play a unique role in this game, as found in a patchwork backstory of how they relate to the status probability system. Using a shotgun that fires 99 percent status probability pellets, you get about 35 percent (approximately) status per bullet fired. One hundred percent status provides you with 100 percent status for each shot!

Shotguns are pretty damaging when you’re around enemies at a medium and small range, and they can handle a tremendous amount of damage in close range.

The best method to eliminate many enemies in such ranges is by the use of shotguns. This is due to their shot power and because of their spread that may strike several enemies.

Here’s a rundown of the top warfare shotguns.

1. Acra Plasmor

Arca Plasmor is a plasma shotgun used by the Corpus that fires a wide plasma-like shot covering a large area.

It can quickly kill several opponents at near to moderate ranges owing to its tremendous damage. The disadvantage of this shotgun is that it does not have any physical damage varieties, yet it still does plenty of damage.

It only has one damage type, radiation, and no physical attack varieties. However, owing to its enormous core damage, its strike ramps to very high levels, doing extraordinarily massive volumes of elemental damage.

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2. Exergis

The Exergis is a Corpus-designed pump-action of a single shot that unleashes a shot of thin crystal-like missiles at enemies.

The Exergis, unlike other shotguns, shoots a narrow pattern and can strike targets from a reasonable distance. The disadvantage of this shotgun is that it needs reloading after each fire in return for the actual damage.

This weapon inflicts a lot of slash damage and puncture, radiation, and minor impact damage.

3. Tigris Prime

The Tigris Prime is a Dual shotgun that shoots two rounds per reload whenever the trigger is drawn and released. Its missiles have little travel time and strike enemies immediately.

The Tigris Primes’ bullets have a limited spread at midrange, but they can still strike targets at greater ranges, albeit most of their projectiles would be fragmented. Its disadvantage is that it needs regular reloading and might even take much longer to reload than other weapons.

It inflicts a lot of cut damage, as well as a great deal of puncture and impact damage.

4. Vaykor Hek

The unique shotgun called Vaykor Hek is a four-barreled Grinner shotgun with the Justice syndicate effect, which does blasting damage inside a radius around the player, provides 25% health, and provides a 15% armor increase thirty seconds after collecting 1000 affinities.

It has a relatively narrow spread, providing a mechanism for short to extended ranges. Since it is a Vaykor variation, it has increased ammunition and other stats, making it a highly dependent weapon.

The weapon primarily inflicts pierce damage, although it also possesses impact damage and decent slash.

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5. Corinth

Corinth is a Tenno-designed shotgun with two shooting modes: a standard mode that shoots like every other shotgun and a unique secondary mode that launches a bomb shot for areas of effect damage.

The Corinth is renowned for providing a greater critical chance and good critical damage, and when wholly modified, it can inflict massive damage to its opponents.

It has a broad spread, and even the secondary strike delivers a lot of damage across an extensive area; thus, it’s suitable for various ranges.

When talking about physical damage, this weapon generally delivers puncture damage and has a fair amount of impact and slash damage, making it nearly complete.

6. Boar Prime

Boar Prime is a Tenno-designed automatic shotgun that is the Prime version of the Boar.

It boasts a high rate of fire at the expense of a widespread, with bullets scattering in very little than 10 meters, making it a shotgun ideally suited for close-range combat.

The Boar Prime can deal a considerable amount of damage and causing status effects thanks to the quick-fire and high-status speed.

This weapon mostly delivers impact damage, with some puncture and slash damage thrown in for good measure.

7. Kohm

The popular Kohm gun is a shotgun that has the remarkable ability to boost the number of pellets fired and the rate of firing with each shot.

Extra pellets have unlimited punch through, allowing them to strike opponents through walls and other enemies.

It has an ammunition capacity, which compensates for its high per-shot ammo consumption.

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8. Sobek

The Sobek is indeed an automatic Grineer unique shotgun that comes with a very high gun magazine capacity that you may modify with shattering justice and acid rounds, which are unique weapon mods.

The Sobek’s damage per shot is not as high as other shotguns; however, this may be compensated for by developing status since it can trigger various status effects and high-status probability. 

The sobek has an average spread; however, its special modifications mainly inflict large-area damage.

It mainly does impact damage, with some slash and puncture damage thrown in for good measure.

9. Phage

Most players do not believe the Phage to be a shotgun, but it is, even though it uses a different kind of ammunition that shoots beams rather than bullets.

Whenever the trigger is pushed down, it fires beams in a wide radius, and when targeted, all of the beams concentrate, making the shots extremely precise.

Instead of delivering immediate damage, Phage is gripped and continues to sap the enemy’s life.

The Phase, being an infected weapon, delivers solely viral damage and no physical damage.

10. Convectrix

Convectrix is a one-of-a-kind shotgun that does not always shoot like other shotguns. Instead of bullets, it fires lasers that chop down any enemy who comes into touch with it.

Keeping down the initial firing mode causes the lasers to start outwards and travel together, and they will remain concentrated in the center of the sight until released.

The primary firing mode allows beams to commence in the center and expand out, which is the exact opposite of its first shooting mode yet serves the same purpose.

This weapon mostly delivers slash damage with a bit of slash and impact thrown in for good measure.

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These are the top ten shotguns, identified not just for their damage or particular characteristics, but also for their potential to be utilized in circumstances when they are most needed.

These shotguns represent our top picks because of their incredible features and versatility.

The Tigris Prime shotgun is one of our best choices if you’re seeking a maximum single target range and dynamic.  If you desire maximum target damage and don’t really care about the range, then Exergis would be an excellent choice as well!

When talking about shotguns, you’ll prefer something which can stand up to its promise, and since they’re shotguns, they should be able to do a lot of damage at short and mid ranges.


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