What’s the Best Loot to Pick up in Path of Exile?

I’m going to assume you just got started on Path of Exile. You may assume that because you are new to the game, all of the items you get are going to be worthless, but that’s just not true. There are some amazing items that newbies can get  – items that can be traded in for high-end rarities.

For example, when I first started, I got a +16% Whirling Blades gem (I found this in the second area of the game) and that items actually sells for a high mount of high-end currency. So, always keep your eyes open, even if you’re a newbie to the game. 

In order to help you determine what stuff is valuable, take a look at my priority list that I put together for my readers:

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Max Priority – Grab These with Every Chance You Get

All Currency Items – Every currency item you come across, grab it, because every currency item is worth it, with the occasional exception of Portal Scrolls and Scrolls of Wisdom. There are so many of those, so it’s okay if you skip a couple of them every now and then.

However, the rest, you should pick them up as end-game “crafting” will be using them in large quantities, and yes, all of them are valuable. You shouldn’t even leave the obvious ones, like the Orb of  Scouring on the ground. 

 Uniques – Not all uniques are created equally, some are worse, some are better, but they tend to be helpful to the appropriate build, and there are times where they are very powerful, like Charan’s Tipua Kaikohuru. If you come across brown text on the ground, don’t walk past it.

Even if it is a low level, it could come in handy on your next character or a certain build. My friend had a build that abused Crown of Thorns, which to date, has been labeled the worst Unique ever, so just remember even if you have no use for the uniques, there will always be someone out there wanting them.

Quality Skill Gems – Often time, newbies overlook quality skill gems, and if you ask me, that’s a lot of wealth just left on the ground. When you see a skill drop, even if it’s a very basic one, hover your mouse over it and check to see if it has a Quality bonus. If it does have a Quality bonus, no matter how small it is, pick it up. These quality skill gems sell for high prices as they help reduce the amount of Gemcutter’s Prisms you need in order to make them perfect. 

Three-Colour-Links – You should always pick up the 3 CLs. Any items that has 3CL with one socket of each color linked together isa good. In fact, they will sell for 1 chromatic orb, so it’s the equivalent to picking up one chromatic orb, as bulky as it may be. Just heads over to the vendor right away so that you can collect that reward. 

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High Priority – Don’t Skip Past These

Rares – You shouldn’t just skip past those rares because they can be useful material that you can  use. Plus, once you identify them,, they could turn out being powerful and might sell for a decent amount. If it turns out the rare you picked up is too decent, you can turn it into what is called a Sale Recipe  so that you can get special orbs or give them to a vendor in exchange for shared. When you leave the rare unidentified, they can get you a big chunk of orbs due to Sales Recipes. 

High Links – High Links are those items you pick up that contain many linked slots. High Links aren’t going to start appearing until l ate Cruel, so it’s not something you’re going to come across in the beginning of the game. Regardless, you don’t want to leave a 5-link item just sitting on the ground, make sure you pick it up.

4 -links, however, well that depends on how much storage you have on you. 4-links are rare enough to make them convenient, but they’re not going to sell for much. Not, if you see 6-links, dive in there and grab it because 6-links are very rare.

Non-Quest Skill Gems – There are many skill gems that are awarded as quest rewards for the different classes. Now, this isn’t saying the others aren’t bad, but it is a good idea that you pick up the ones you can’t easily get. 

Max Implicit Items -There are some items, such as jewelry, that will have implicit bonuses. Look above the horizontal line before all of the magic stuff. Implicit values are great, because they are independent on the other bonuses. So, let’s say you tinker with a belt, that value isn’t going to be touched, unless you have a good orb for it. 

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Medium Priority – Items Some People will Want to Pick Up

Magic Flasks – Oh yes, it’s always good to have some Flasks in the inventory, so go ahead, pick them up and identify them. Some of the bonuses on flasks are valuable. Surgeon flasks, for example, will sell for alchemy shard and then you have the ones that are capable of healing minions (those are pretty rare). 

Sockets that are Weirdly Colors – I like to grab items that have unlikely socket colors on them. For example, I have a bow hat has four red slots and an ace that has five blue.

I like this, because those proportions are unlikely and if there’s ever a build that requires that layout, you’re probably going to end up paying for it. So, if you have a lot of room in your stash space, go ahead and grab them.

Advanced Flasks – I’m talking about those odd flasks, such as Diamon, Granite, and Resistance Flaks – those are pretty rare, so don’t leave them laying on the ground. 

What You Can do with Your Rares

When it comes to the rares you have obtained in the game, there are a variety of options to cash them in for currency, even if they’re no good at all. Unless you have a Rare that is actually good, you should get ready to turn them into something useful. 

You have four recipes you should aim for: Chaos, Regal, Alchemy, and Double Chaos. 

If you really don’t want to think, then Chaos would be the easiest one. Just put those different types of rares in your stash and when you get a full set of gear, go to the vendor for a Chaos. Interesting enough, there’s a twin for that recipe and it involves selling all of the rares unidentified.

This is going to give you two Chaos, as opposed to one, which is pretty good.  If you don’t want to go out and farm Chaos orbs, I recommend going to a low-level area, like Fellshrine, farming it and selling the unidentified rares in a bulk. However, you shouldn’t sell the high level rares as unidentified, you will want to identify them just in case they’re something you would want. 


Whether you’re a newbie just getting started, or someone who is already familiar with Path of Exile, this guide should help you know what to pick up and what to leave behind. Keep a list of the unique items in the game so that you know a good catch when you come across it.

When it’s all said and done, you should be able to take the high-level look to a vendor and exchange it for currency. You can use the currency to get you some high-quality gear, so it all works out in the end.

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