The Best Places to Farm Tellurium in Warframe (2022)

Tellurium is a rare material that is not easy to find. It is not readily available as other rare resources. However, it is precious. You need to achieve nearly everything related to Archwing. Surprisingly, you can easily earn it by completing some Archwing objectives.

There are other places on various planets where you can farm Tellurium, and you could theoretically spend your Platinum to buy the uncommon resource on the market. Be cautious; we strongly advise against it.

With the help of our technique, you can farm Tellurium by simply playing Warframe.

If you don’t have the recommended Warframes or can’t get to the finest farming places yet, try discovering locations on the star map. Hopefully, you will find something interesting there. Moreover, you can also try using the recruitment chat to locate a party eager to take you along.

Tellurium may theoretically drop on any node. It is a part of an Archwing expedition known as the Grineer Sealab. Keep in mind that every Grineer Sealab objective does not have the opportunity to deposit Tellurium, as an underwater area of the map is required.

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Ophelia, Uranus

Since a small area of this map is fully submerged, any enemy can dump Tellurium.

There’s also a decent mix of large chambers and little passages, so you can employ any farming method and composition you desire.

Neptune’s Salacia

Salacia mission is listed among the finest assignments for upgrading your Archwing and your Archwing armaments, just because they have a high enemy density.

It’s also why you’ll find a massive amount of Tellurium here, especially if you’re in a large group. Keep your squad together, stay near the defense targets, and urge the enemies to approach you.

If you want to cultivate a large number of Tellurium, these two are your best options. You could try all of the alternatives. On the other hand, if you want to be the most efficient, choose any of the two missions listed above.

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Tellurium Farming Equipment

If you want to cultivate Archwing, we suggest you choose the Itzal because his ability, Cosmic Crush, has the same effects as Mag’s Greedy Pull. It will also make sure you don’t miss a single drop of Tellurium by chance.

It also does a superb job of dealing damage to foes, allowing you to cultivate them quickly, ultimately allowing for more spawning and resource drops.

Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to harvest a drop of Tellurium when utilizing any equipment. You’ll also have to contend with a slew of adversaries while searching for materials, so be sure you have the weapons and talents you’ll need to survive the quest. If you want to farm the Ophelia, you will need a farming team because it takes much time to farm an Ophelia. You can also deploy Nova or Volt Warframes against the adversary by utilizing their ability, strength, and efficiency. Since the operation will not be challenging, it is unnecessary to bring powerful weaponry.


  • Tellurium is pretty tricky to obtain and may take several runs on Salacia or a long period in Ophelia. Since the drop rate in Grineer Sealab tilesets is so low, survival or defense missions may take long.
  • When you use the Spare Parts mod and let attackers destroy your sentinel, you have a fair chance of getting Tellurium, which can be cultivated readily in quick missions.
  • We can obtain Tellurium via completing bounties, usually level 30-50. However, this can be exhausting or easier, depending on your squad.


So far, we’ve learned how to farm Tellurium, and because we know Tellurium is a rare resource, we’ll be hunting for it only in places where we have a good chance of finding it.

We’ll have a hard time collecting Tellurium one drop at a time because we’ll need a lot. As a result, be ready to bring a few powerful weapons and lethal Warframes to eliminate the target in one shot. You should be able to quickly acquire a substantial amount of the uncommon resources once you’ve managed to find Warframe’s particular farming group.


Tellurium is one of the toughest resources to harvest as it never seems to drop, but with short patience, the methods listed above can be successful. The Spare Parts approach may be the most efficient way to farm Tellurium because it only takes a few minutes and is highly likely to yield Tellurium. When harvesting Tellurium on Ophelia, it’s advisable to go in a group and camp because you’ll need teamwork to gather all of the enemies and Warframes that can force treasure out for a greater chance. Tellurium is necessary for getting a lot of equipment later on in the game. Thus, it’s crucial to farming it in missions that drop it while you’re cultivating other resources for later.

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