Top 8 Best Places to Farm Ferrite in Warframe (2022)

In Warframe, Ferrite is one of the most popular materials. It has a wide range of applications. Ferrite is required in the procedure of making weapons, Warframes, and other gem-related crafts. Conclusively, it is one of the most used materials in the game. Due to the versatile applications of Ferrite, the players need this material constantly whenever working on any crafting project. There are several farming spots where players can churn out a massive amount of Ferrite within seconds.

1. Teshub in the Vold

In this Sci-Fi mission, Teshub offers both Defense Missions and Exterminate Missions, made for excellent Ferrite farming sites. With the help of their Warframe and playstyle, all the players can blitz or grind their way to victory. Thousands of ferrites can be obtained during these missions.

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2. Terminus on Mercury

Terminus is a very famous Sabotage Mission. During this mission, the players visit a blitz farm where players collect Ferrite when they walk through lockers or defeat the enemies. Since the enemies are leveled nine to ten, a brief run could yield hundreds of Ferrite. If a player doesn’t know where they are, looting containers can take a long time; thus, gamers should be prepared to memorize their locations. Master Thief is extremely useful for boosting total Ferrite earnings. It’s one of the most excellent farms.

3. M Prime on Mercury

M Prime is another mission in the collection of Exterminate missions in Warframe. It is a fun-to-play mission on Mercury, with enemies leveling from eight to ten. It’s one of those blitz farms in which players must kill a certain number of enemies in a short amount of time. Due to Grineer’s enemies, it’s a good Ferrite farm. It’s an excellent location in this Sci-Fi game for new gamers in need of hundreds of Ferrite. There are better options for professional or experienced gamers who can handle more tough foes.

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4. Despina on Neptune

Despina is a survival farm that is part of Neptune’s Excavation Mission. Between levels 28 and 32, enemies are fierce. It’s not uncommon to get up to 400 Ferrite per run from containers and enemy drops. That is an option if the gamer has a high level. The disadvantage is that there are considerably more effective options in this Sci-Fi RPG if a player can complete this quest.

5. Gaia on Earth

Gaia is a super exciting Interception mission that can be repeated indefinitely, effectively turning it into the category of survival farms. Since the opponents are Grineer in this mission, all enemies can give Ferrite when they die. Each capture might also generate a lot of Affinities.

Each run, the player can gain a considerable amount of Ferrite. A regular blitz will net you roughly 500, while other grinds will net you far more. You should have Nekros if you want to increase the gains.

6. Proteus on Neptune

Proteus is one of the best Defense missions in Warframe. It functions as a survival blitz farm. There are many Grineer enemies with a lot of containers to loot. Therefore, each death can drop Ferrite. The majority of enemies are aged between 27 and 32 and are of a high level. It’s an excellent mission for third-person shooter players. Looting containers and lockers between waves are essential for efficiency. This mission usually yields at least 450 Ferrite at a time, with more occurring on rare occasions.

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7. Thalassa on Neptune

Thalassa is a Neptune quest with a considerable amount of lootable containers. As players break into all of the containers, Master Thief is highly approved. Starting would be difficult as the players figure out the location of everything, but this task can net 700 points over time, Ferrite. The adversaries are also of low level, which is a plus. Higher-level players may blast through enemies effortlessly, loot containers to collect Ferrite. You can repeat this process as needed with minimal risk.

8. Pantheon on Mercury

An Exterminate Mission – Pantheon – is on the map with roughly 50 Grineer. These Grineer enemies are of a low rank, ranging from six to nine. All the players can sweep around the area rapidly, eliminating all of the Grineer and obtaining a large amount of Ferrite. After the Grineer enemies have been killed, gamers can discover all of the lockers and crates. Players can win between 500 and 800 Ferrite every run if they have a high enough level and a solid understanding of the map.

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