6 Best Leveling Up Missions in Warframe

In Warframe, you will come across many Weapons, Warframes, and friends. All of them are vital for your mission success rate. However, the weapons you need require leveling up to reach their full potential and make the most of the equipment you have.

It might be difficult for some new and inexperienced players to keep track of the activities which boost the leveling process. If you are new to Warframe, finding out the ideal places to level up can be challenging. This guide will ensure that you remain on the right track and level up quickly, allowing you to continue playing without worrying about how to level up quickly.

In Warframe, levels are used to define the rank of a player. To rank up our weapons, we must acquire affinity, which is the game’s equivalent for experience points. When you kill an enemy with your gun, you’ll receive affinity for both the weapon and the Warframe you’re using. If you kill enemies with abilities, the affinity is transferred directly to your Warframe. If a member of your squad kills an enemy, you will get a shared affinity, further divided between your Warframe and weapons. The following missions would help you to boost your rank in Warframe: 

1. Dark Sector Mission

Dark Sector missions reward you with extra experience to level up and a bonus for whatever weapon is related to it. When choosing a quest, you’ll see the resource drop chance boost, as well as bonus experience and the amount of bonus experience earned from using a specific weapon. These missions are also excellent for farming, so choose whichever you want and see what you can collect to maximize your farming experience.

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2. Endless Fissures

Endless Fissures missions are a fantastic method to gain experience, rewards, and unlock relics. The more you survive an infinite task, the more rewards you will receive.

One characteristic of fissures is that once a certain amount of time has passed, you will begin to receive free boosters (these boosters are only available for this mission), initiating with 25%. Free boosts will contain Credits, Resources, Affinity, and Drop Rate boosts and will rise the longer you remain and stack with any existing boosters. Endless fissures grants you bonuses, particularly for the task you can use to boost your experiences and gains. To get the most out of it, choose unending fissures of normal or higher levels; the level of affinity increases with them.

3. Stealth Kills

Eliminating enemies while undetected increases the amount of affinity you get in missions like “Exterminate.” Once you start stealth killing and not alarming others, you will receive a boost. The boost will enhance the enemy’s affinity by 90% each time they are used, up to a maximum of 450%. The chain will be broken, and the buff will be removed if you kill an enemy who has found you or has been alarmed by the death of another enemy.

Certain Warframes, such as Loki, can remain invisible, which might help kill while hidden. Warframes that help reduce opponents’ ability to find you, like Equinox’s sleep, will earn you some stealth bonus. If you can manage to stay unnoticed, you can use this to update weapons along with Warframes.

4. Spying Missions

A spy mission is specifically excellent for single levels because you are not only able for a stealth kill, you can also hack the main objective’s terminals, which offer extra affinity if you remain unnoticed. During spy missions, enemies can be murdered invisibly, granting you the stealth bonus, enabling you to win some bonus affinity. You can also hack terminals without startling, resulting in a significant quantity of affinity with some other rewards.

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5. Boosters

You can purchase affinity boosters to increase the affinity you receive, allowing you to complete tasks faster. When playing Hydron, this is incredibly effective, and you’ll only have to do one to three missions before your equipment reaches the maximum rating.

6. Solo Missions

Trying to level up by soloing missions is not recommended because there will be fewer enemies to fight, resulting in lesser affinity for you to obtain. When you’re alone, still, you have some options for leveling up. However, learning the skills may take some practice and effort.


To unleash the full power of your equipment, you must first reach the max rating. Knowing the best way to boost your rank can assist you in leveling up, and you will ultimately figure out where the best area to boost the rank is. When in squads, always share and attempt to level up as quickly as possible. 

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