The Best Build for Harrow in Warframe (2021)

Warframe is a multiplayer online action character third-person shooter game that is available for free. Warframe is a game that requires a lot of patience. Even if you pay for the game, you’ll still have to grind to get the majority of the items. I believe Warframe’s grind is the most enjoyable aspect of the game. So aside from everything, the Harrow is an important part of the game. Let’s get you to know how to get Harrow and tell you about his abilities. 

Harrow is a dark monk-like priest who had been imprisoned and was ultimately let free. He focuses on keeping his team alive and is always ready for a fight. He is an extremely helpful Warframe, capable of maintaining his team’s energy, health and even saving them from impending death, as well as buffing them to improve their combat skill.

How to Acquire Harrow in Warframe

After completing the Chains of Harrow quest, you will receive Harrow’s blueprint.

His pieces are earned through various missions such as:


Rotation C reward from the spy mission Pago near Kuva Fortress.


On Defection missions, there is an award for rotations B and C.


Corrupted opponents drop them.

Harrow may be acquired for 225 Platinum pieces, already built.

Abilities of Harrow

Harrow can chain foes, give his shields to empower his squad, give energy regeneration through kills, and protect himself and his team from damage.

Conviction is his passive ability, which grants him 200 percent extra over shields, allowing him to have almost 2400 overshields.

1. Condemn

Harrow summons chains to bind his enemies and offer him extra shields for each opponent hit.

This is useful for crowd management and providing Harrow with shields when he requires them, such as when he is attacked or when he needs additional shields to boost the overall impact of his Penance ability.

2. Penance

Harrow sacrifices most of his shields for a limited period to provide his team life steal, improved firing rate, and reloading speed.

The better the benefits of the boosts, the more shields Harrow possesses. This is an excellent talent for assisting the team and for himself, as it boosts Harrow’s and his squad’s survivability as well as their damaging output.

3. Thurible

Harrow begins channeling and uses his energy to make a radius around him in which any enemy killed grants energy, while headshots do this but at a higher rate.

This ability ensures that the squad has an endless source of energy, which, combined with Penance, makes the team nearly invincible owing to the unlimited health and mana supply. While Thurible’s ability is channeled, Warding Thurible lessens the amount of damage taken by teammates and gives them more energy.

4. Covenant

When Harrow manages to escape from his chains, he and his allies become invulnerable for a short while, and the loss they have received is transformed into a critical chance as opponents hit them.

This is one of the best potentials available; not only do you receive invulnerability, but you also gain a significant amount of critical opportunity.

When the situation calls for it, this can be used to gather damage or even save individuals of your squad.

Suggested Builds for Harrow

There are also some other builds in the warframe that help you to defeat your enemies. 

1. Duration Build

The major goal of this build is to make Covenant endure as long as possible, giving Harrow and his squad plenty of time to respond during invulnerability and then a long time frame once they have their critical chance boost.

Condemn, his crowd management ability will keep opponents in place for a long time, making opponents easy targets or opening doors for him and his allies.

The time duration of Harrow’s buff will considerably increase, ensuring that he and his squad are well prepared for an extended fight.

2. Strength Build

With Harrow, this build concentrates on increasing his ability effectiveness, which will boost the impact of his buffs and force Condemn to award him more shields per opponent.

Because of the build’s good ability strength, Covenant will raise the critical likelihood that Harrow and his crew will get faster.

With this build, Harrow will have a good amount of shields and health, making him ready for a fight, and his buffs and skills will make him unbeatable.

3. Range Build

This build concentrates on extending the length of Harrow’s buffs so that allies can stay a little further away from him while still benefiting from his abilities.

Condemn’s range will be extended, making it easier to deal with crowd control and target more foes for overshields.

This ability is effective in regions where the squad does not remain in one spot and would help meet most of the squad’s needs for buffs.

Closing Thoughts

Harrow is a difficult Warframe to gain at first, but he pays off in the end because he can help himself and his crew stay a long time in battle.

Harrow is among the best support of Warframes, able to provide his crew with all they need to live, and once equipped with a solid set of weaponry, he becomes a deadly killer in missions.

The Covenant ability of Harrow is one of the strongest in the game since it may save players from impending death or allow teams to rush forward without the worry of being injured.

Harrow is not only a good support of Warframe, but he can also help any team deal damage and improve their battle capabilities.

So that’s everything about Harrow, the best support of Warframe. Still, if you feel that something is missing, then feel free to leave a comment below. We would be glad to get some new suggestions.  

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