5 Best Bot Lane Combos in League Season 12

Out of all the lanes in League of Legends, the bot lane is in many ways the most challenging and the most fun as well. It’s challenging because you must have good chemistry with your bot-lane partner to succeed in the lane. It’s also challenging because the attention of the enemy jungler and a roaming mid-laner is likely to be focussed on the bot-lane.

Every League player knows that if your team’s AD carry is strong, it can provide a significant boost in the late game when you need to take down enemy turrets and their nexus. That is why the jungler and mid-lane assassin keep trying to gank bot-lane.

The bot-lane can also be really fun to play in because taking down both enemy bot-lane champions, the support, and the AD carry, with a neatly timed combo, can be immensely satisfying. Some of the best bot-lane combos are given below. Do try them out!

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1. Lucian and Blitzcrank

One of Lucian’s greatest strengths is the fact that he can change position quickly with his Relentless Pursuit. He can pop in and out of battle and do a lot of burst damage with Piercing Light, Ardent Blaze, and his passive, Lightslinger. And one of Blitzcrank’s greatest strengths is the fact that he can pull enemy champions into position. All you have to do is to try and make sure you don’t grab enemy tanks. And while in bot lane, your best bet is to grab the enemy AD carry.

With Lucian and Blitzcrank both in bot lane, Blitz can pull in the enemy AD carry away from his support, and Lucian can quickly bolt in and do maximum burst damage. This combination can be deadly because the enemy AD carry is pulled out of the safety of being near the support. With Lucian already primed for burst damage, there isn’t a lot the enemy bot-laners can do about it.

2. Aphelios and Lux

It is not rare to see a Lux support with almost as many kills as the AD carry. It’s because an AP lux can be very OP. Aphelios is a relatively recent addition to the roster of League of Legends champions and immediately became a favorite of many League Players. Even Pros like Doublelift have played with Aphelios at highly competitive forums such as the LCS.

Lux can root enemy champions with Light Binding, and Aphelios can change guns and do burst damage with a variety of weapons to the rooted enemy champion.

When Lux roots an enemy champion and pins him down, Aphelios can place a sentry on the battlefield near a rooted enemy champion and slice through the enemy with Severum. At Level 6, with the burst damage from Aphelios and ultimate by Lux, kills on the enemy champions are almost guaranteed.

3. Miss Fortune and Morgana

Morgana can bind enemies with Dark Binding, and Miss Fortune can Make it Rain on them. These two abilities have low cooldown and a low mana cost. So you can harass enemies again and again with a lot of crowd control as well. Morgana’s tormented shadow always makes enemy champions try and move out of the way, and Miss Fortune can time her Double Up accordingly.

It’s double the fun when you hit level 6. With Morgana’s Q, all you have to do is use the Ultimate by Miss Fortune while the enemy is rooted. The Miss Fortune-Morgana combination can be tough to play against for precisely this reason.

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4. Vayne and Veigar

Vayne is often known as a hyper-carry. In other words, the champion scales very rapidly in the mid to late game but often gets dominated in the early game and the laning phase. Vayne has no cc or area of effect abilities but can be deadly against tanks with his passive which hits enemies with True Damage for every third basic attack.

Veigar has excellent crowd control and area of effect abilities. In team fights, Veigar can make a significant difference, especially if he can capture as many enemies as possible with Event Horizon. In the laning phase with Vayne as his partner, Veigar can make up for the lack of cc and area of effect damage by Vayne.

A very effective combo can be hitting the enemy with two basic attacks with Vayne, trapping the enemy with Event Horizon by Veigar, and then condemning the enemy to stun when they hit the boundary of the Event Horizon.

5. Sivir and Brand

Sivir and Brand both are adept at dominating the laning phase. The Brand has a lot of crowd control and area of effect damage. With Brand’s ultimate, you can set enemy champions running about trying to stay away from one another. With his Pillar of Flame and Conflagration, Brand can clear minions and harass enemy champions very quickly. Similarly, Sivir is very good at pushing the lane with Boomerang Blade and Richochet.

Combine Brand and Sivir in the bot-lane, and you have a very aggressive, dominating duo in the laning phase that will make it difficult for the enemy team to farm and most likely push and destroy turrets very early in the game.

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