Professional Amumu Jungle Path – Amumu JG Tips & Tricks

Amumu can deal great amounts of damage while still being tanky. He also has a lot of crowd control with his double Bandage Toss (Q) and Curse of the Sad Mummy (R). These reasons make him very viable in the current game.

  • The substantial damage from Bandage Toss (Q) and AOE damage from Tantrum (E) and Despair (W) give Amumu quick clearing times, which gives him often a level advantage that he can capitalize on by either taking objectives or ganking the lanes.
  • It is recommended that Curse of the Sad Mummy (R) be used in team fights only, as it is valuable AOE crowd control. Using it with Bandage Toss (Q) and Flash to land it on as many enemies as possible might turn the team fight around back to your favor.
  • Amumu’s Cursed Touch (passive) makes enemies take more damage from magic damage, and it is applied through your Curse of the Sad Mummy (R) and basic attacks.

Full Clear with a Blue Buff start

Amumu takes Despair (W) as his level one skill, and after the Blue Sentinel is dead, he levels up and unlocks Tantrum (E) and then kills the Gromp using the Smite. After the Gromp is dead, Amumu clears all of the Murk Wolves, levels up to three, and unlocks his Bandage Toss (Q). He then continues to the red buff side of the map. There he kills the Raptors, the Red Brambleback while using his Smite, and lastly, the Krugs. This gives him level four, upgrading Tantrum (E) to the second level as it helps him with his clearing speed on the next camps. Finally, the Amumu goes to the river and kills the Rift Scuttler, after which he can decide to either gank a lane or to recall back to the base.

This Amumu jungle clear path is flawless for a great number of matchups as he is able to get to the river side with the level advantage, but due to the full clear, he may be a bit late to the Scuttler spawn, which could have been taken by enemy jungler.

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Full Clear with a Red Buff start

This jungle path is very similar to the previous one, except Amumu starts with Red buff first. Amumu again takes Despair (W) as his level one skill, and after the Red Brambleback dies, Amumu levels up and unlocks Tantrum (E) and then kills Krugs with smite. After the Krugs die, Amumu continues to the Raptors, and after killing them, he unlocks his third skill, Bandage Toss (Q). Amumu then continues to the blue side of the map, where he kills the Murk Wolves, the Blue Sentinel with the Smite, and the Gromp. These last three camps will give him the level to upgrade Tantrum (E) to the second level. Amumu is then able to try to clear the Rift Scuttler if the enemy jungler has not killed it yet. After the Rift Scuttler, Amumu can either gank a lane or recall back to the base.

This Amumu jungle clear path is a good alternative to the first one if Amumu wants to gank a specific lane after the Rift Scuttler or the blue buff side of the jungle is being invaded by the enemy team. It is also recommended to use this path if Amumu wants to avoid fighting with the enemy jungler as he is certain of his jungle path.

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