3 Best Supports for Kai’Sa in LoL

To be a good League player, you have to master at least a few champions in League. There are 5 roles to play in League but you have a lot of freedom within these 5 roles with dozens of options for each role. If you play in the bot lane, you are going to be paired up with one teammate in the early laning phase. You can either support your AD carry or become the AD carry yourself.

Kaisa is a relatively new champion in League, introduced not so long ago. Kaisa is an AD carry that specializes in quick maneuverability in combat, movement speed to dodge enemy attacks, and enhanced attack speed for burst damage.

Kaisa has a lot of strengths if you can play to them. At the same time, Kaisa lacks in some areas such as Area of Effect Damage and crowd control. So you need to choose your support carefully in order to complement Kaisa’s abilities in the best manner possible.

What are the three best options to play as support with Kaisa?

1. Lux

As mentioned earlier, Kaisa specializes in agility during combat for re-positioning and maneuverability What Kaisa lack is crowd control and area of effect damage. So your support needs to have crowd control and area of effect damage abilities to complement what Kaisa is good at.

This makes life very difficult for the opponent team in the laning phase. What Lux is really good at is pinning enemies down with her abilities ((Light binding with her “Q”) and damage over an area (Lucent singularity with her “E”).

When the enemy is pinned down, this gives Kaisa the chance to move about quickly, inflict damage and get back to safety again. As a bonus, Lux can grant a shield (Primate Barrier with her “W”) while Kaisa is ahead doing damage to enemies.

If spells by Lux miss the enemy champions, at the very least they can make enemy champions dodge these spells. This will dislocate them from their positions, allowing Kaisa a chance to hit them while they try to dodge Lux’s spells.

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2. Thresh

Thresh is the obvious choice for support for a lot of AD carriers. He can help you escape from dangerous territory. This escape works for the entire team and even over walls. He can slow enemy champions down. He can pin enemy champions down.

All this makes him a suitable match for Kaisa in the lane. Kaisa is excellent at dodging enemy skill shots (Super Charge with her “E”), sniping enemies from a distance (Void Seeker with her “W”), and burst damage (Icathian Rain with her “Q”). 

A typical combo with Thresh could be Thresh initiating the fight with Death Sentence (“Q”), Kaisa sniping with her Void Seeker (“W”), Kaisa getting close to the enemy with her Killer Instinct (“R”), doing burst damage with Icathian Rain (“Q”), and escape out with Super-Charge (“E”) and kiting enemies while moving back with enhanced attack speed as a result of Super-Charge. Thresh in the meanwhile, can use The Box (“R”) to trap enemies and slow them down.

Although Thresh doesn’t have a lot of area of effect damage and crowd control but the fact that he can hook enemies down and slow them as well allows Kaisa to use such opportunities to inflict maximum damage.

3. Zyra

A lot of the same logic applies to choosing Zyra for supporting Kaisa in the bot lane that makes sense in choosing Thresh or Lux. Zyra has a lot of crowd control and area of effect damage. Zyra can pin enemies down, giving Kaisa the perfect opportunity to strike with burst damage.

Kaisa is the perfect hyper-carry in many ways. It can be difficult to dominate the bot lane with Kaisa if the support doesn’t have much cc or aoe damage and the enemy team has both. A Zyra support can be very useful in such situations.

Imagine the following combo between Zyra and Kaisa: Zyra pins the enemy ADC down with her and engages the enemy support simultaneously with her Rampant Growth (“W”) and Grapsing Root (“E”), Kaisa can then swoop in with Super-Charge and Icathian Rain, effectively knocking away up to half of the enemy team’s ADC. After level 6, this combo can result in quick kills as well.


The best way to master champions in League of Legends is to understand the dynamics of the champion you want to master. For Kaisa, the player must keep in mind that Kaisa is an AD-carry Assassin, that can swoop in and out of dangerous territory, strike vulnerable enemies by getting in close with her Ultimate, escape enemy attacks, and dodge skill-shots with Super-Charge and snipe enemies with her Void Seeker.

However, Kaisa does not have an area of effect damage or crowd control. To complement Kaisa’s abilities in the best manner possible, the support Champion needs to be carefully chosen.

Lux, Thresh, and Zyra are good options with Kaisa. But with so much diversity in League of Legends, summoners can easily pick and choose other combinations of support with Kaisa as well that could prove just as effective. Of course, before choosing your support with Kaisa, you need to keep in mind the enemy team combination as well.

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